How to Download Careplix Vitals Oximeter App for Android iPhone?

Careplex vitals oximeter app is a wonderful app in store for those who want to check their vitals including the oxygen level of the blood, heart rate and respiratory rate. It is made by the Careplix Healthcare (the United States) and Carenow Healthcare Careplix Vitals (Careplex vitals pvt ltd) (India).

The Careplex vitals oximeter has a trial offer which can be availed for free and the app is available for iOS and Android devices. Now using the smartphone to measure three significant vitals during COVID-19 situation is easy and a hassle-free way to keep a tab on one’s health.

This is a remote mechanism, and can be used by all to keep a tab on the regular vitals of the body. It is useful for medics who want to keep a regular update on their patient’s health and these three vitals.

What is careplex vitals oximeter app?

careplex vitals oximeter app for android

Usually, these three vitals are not only crucial for COVID-19 patients but also for patients who suffer from heart related disorders and also for pulmonary disorders. Even for patients who suffer from brain disorders and spinal cord problems can use this app to regularly keep a check on the patient’s conditions.

The normal oxygen saturation of human body cannot fall below 96%, and the respiratory rate can not be less than or more than 20-20 breaths per minute. The heart rate though varies between 70 to 82 beats per minute even under normal circumstances.

When the patient’s oxygen level goes below 90% then the patient might require artificial oxygen supplementation. Abnormal respiratory rate and heart rate can indicate various disorders including fatigue and several deficiency disorders. In general.

How to Careplex vitals App download for Android?

For Careplex vitals apk download on Android devices, there are a few steps which you need to follow.

  • Go to the Careplix website and look for the download button for Android devices.
  • Now before you click on the download button, first go to the Menu section and then go to Settings and then security and finally check on the tab which allows you to download apps from unknown sources.
  • Now click on the download button and wait for the download to happen.
  • Further click to run the app and then from the pop up click on the Install button.

How to Careplex vitals App download for iPhone?

To download the Careplix app from the iPhone follow the below process.

  • Go to the Apple app store and search for the Careplix app.
  • Click on the install button and then enter your Apple password.
  • Wait for the installation to happen and then register with the app.

Careplex vitals official website details

You can visit the website,

Once you’re there you can get all information about how you can measure your important vitals. The app can work with 98% accuracy. The app tells you more about how to use the app to record oxygen saturation, respiratory rate and heart rate of patients remotely.

App Reviews

The reviews given for the app has been good all throughout. You can read the reviews in Apple appstore, Facebook and on the website. Users have liked using the app and definitely says it does what it promises.

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