How to Enable Bitcoin Wallet on Cash App [Complete Guide 2023]?

The Cash App is just not limited to sending and receiving money. It is a lot more than a payments app. It has extended its reason of usage from buying stocks to crypto trading. It is a great place for people who are greatly in love with bitcoins. The Cash App allows you to buy, sell, trade, and transfer bitcoins and other crypto coins with some simplest steps. Let’s learn more about Cash App and how it can be useful if you are a bitcoin trader and spend time on cryptos.

How to enable a bitcoin wallet on the Cash App?

Enable Bitcoin Wallet on Cash App

There is no such thing as enabling a bitcoin wallet. In order to send or receive bitcoin money to your Cash App bitcoin wallet, it is necessary to have your Cash App account verified for the bitcoin. After the verification only, you will get the authority to use the features extensively. After the verification, your bitcoin wallet will become active and then you can be able to send bitcoin to any other wallet or receive it from someone. Remember that the Cash App deals with only one crypto coin that is the bitcoin, hence you have to make sure that you receive only bitcoin in your wallet. Any other coin can interrupt the process and the coin may get stuck halfway and will be out of your reach for a few days.

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How to enable bitcoin on the Cash App without id?

There is no way you can enable bitcoin on the Cash App without an id. You need to have an updated Cash App account of yours to continue with the verification process. However, if you can use other crypto platforms to purchase or trade bitcoins. But with Cash App, it becomes more exciting, simple, and secure if you get verified yourself for bitcoin.

Create a Cash App by providing all your details like Name, Contact No. etc. Remember to provide the details correctly as the Cash App verifies the details you entered during bitcoin verification with that entered on your profile. After you have successfully set up your Cash App ID, arrange a few important documents and details that will come to work during the verification process. These documents are:

  • TIN or SSN number
  • Government-issued identification card
  • Self-photo
  • Contact Number
  • Few other details, like name, address, date of birth
  • Employment card

How long does it take to enable bitcoin on the Cash App?

The process for the verification is easy and simple but it can take 24-48 hours to successfully complete the verification and enable bitcoin on your Cash App. This is the shortest period of time taken for a verification process compared to other platforms. However, if the verification process takes more than 24 hours to complete, then you should check the details entered and the document submitted during the process. There are chances that you might have entered the wrong details in one or two places. The chance of mistakes is more when entering the TIN or SSN number or the contact number. Check all the details and documents and if you happen to find any mistakes, go for the verification again. But if there’s no mistake found and still the process is taking a longer time, contact the Cash App support team. They will step up to clarify your queries and solve the troubles you are facing.

How to enable bitcoin withdrawal on the Cash App?

Follow the steps below to know how to enable bitcoin withdrawal on the Cash App:

  • Sign in to your Cash App account
  • Tap to change from USD to BTC. This means you have changed the current currency in use to Bitcoin
  • Click on the Bitcoin option to open it
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw
  • Enter the details of the wallet you want to withdraw the bitcoin to or you can also scan its QR code
  • Confirm and next
  • Select the withdrawal rate. If not selected standard speed will be set for your withdrawal
  • Confirm and send

How long does it take to enable bitcoin withdrawal on the Cash App?

It takes anywhere between 30-and 40 minutes for your bitcoins to get withdrawn to the wallet you selected. The withdrawal depends upon the wallet you are choosing to transfer your amount as well as the speed rate. Users who want to have a speedy transfer choose an appropriate withdrawal speed limit as per their need, pay the charges against the limit chosen and get the BTC delivered within the time limit. There are chances that the servers may cause some delay to the withdrawal process because of heavy traffic but most of the time, it doesn’t take much longer for the transfer to get completed.

How to enable bitcoin deposit on the Cash App?

Bitcoin deposits can only be activated after getting verified on the Cash App. Follow the steps mentioned in this article for the verification procedure and pass the verification stage to enable it.

How to enable bitcoin purchase on the Cash App?

If you are planning to purchase bitcoins from the Cash App, follow the steps below:

  • Launch the app
  • Sign in to your account
  • Tap on the ‘Bitcoin’ option
  • Select ‘Buy BTC’
  • Enter the amount
  • Take a note of the charges
  • Follow the prompts
  • Enter your identification number
  • Select ‘Confirm’ to buy the bitcoins

Buying bitcoins from the Cash App is safe and secure. Hence, do not get afraid of purchasing it. Just keep watch on the charges (if any) and if you are unaware of any charge that is imposed, try configuring it out or contact the support team.

How to enable sending bitcoin on the Cash App?

After you have verified yourself on the Cash App for bitcoin, you can use its feature to send your bitcoin to any wallet that supports it. You can also send bitcoin to the Cash App user itself. For that follow the steps below:

  • Find and open the Bitcoin option
  • Enter the amount to be sent
  • Enter the recipient’s Cashtag ID
  • Enter PIN and send

The user accepting the bitcoin should also be verified on the Cash App else the bitcoin will get reverted and reach back to your Bitcoin wallet within 14 business days. The minimum amount per transaction to a $Cashtag is 0.00001 BTC.


Do you need to enable bitcoin on the Cash App?

Yes, if you are a bitcoin user and use it for trading purposes, you should enable it on the Cash App. It gives the privilege to use its features without suffering any restrictions or taxes and further track all your activities that you do with bitcoin. So, yes, you must verify yourself before using the bitcoins else you may need to face certain problems in the future.

Can't enable bitcoin on the Cash App Solution?

If you are facing any problem in enabling bitcoin on your Cash App account, this may be due to server issues that are delaying the process to completion. There can be some other reasons also like wrong details entered, fake documents uploaded, mismatch of data according to the profile, etc. If this is the case, you can clarify by cross-checking the information entered and by doing the verification step again with the correct info.

Is enabling bitcoin on the Cash App safe?

Yes, enabling bitcoin on the Cash App is safe. It does not charge any fees for verification. It has a short, simple, and secure process, and therefore can easily be done by any user. This platform has many users on board that are into crypto trading which also gives a clear indication of how safe this application is to deal with BTC.

What does enabling bitcoin on the Cash App mean?

Enabling bitcoin means you are legally authorized to trade bitcoin, purchase it, sell it, or perform other activities associated with it. By verifying yourself, you are free from any kind of restrictions that are generally imposed on non-verified users when they deal with bitcoins. Since bitcoin trading is turning out to be profitable, people who have good knowledge should definitely give it a try and the Cash App gives you the space to perform your BTC activities.

What happens if I enable bitcoin on the Cash App?

Once you have enabled bitcoin on your Cash App account, you will be able to purchase, sell, trade, and withdraw the bitcoins without any restriction. This means you are a verified user of the Cash App and every action performed will be accounted for legally. Interestingly, you will be able to track all your activities, performance, profit-loss report, etc. just by verifying yourself on the Cash App for Bitcoin.


This article sums up all about bitcoin on the Cash App. It has answered every kind of query, from enabling the bitcoin on your Cash App to withdrawing the bitcoin, this article has explained all the topics well and clearly. Read it and see how well you know to deal with the bitcoin on the Cash App.

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