Upstox Refer and Earn offer & referral code, Withdraw Amount

A broking firm backed by none other than the steel giant Ratan Tata, Kalari Capital & GVK Davis this firm offers broking at a reduced price and the best part is, it is offered at unbelievable prices.

It is an easy, reliable platform that offers you simple trading terms. Apart from many other types, they primarily deal with commodities, equities, stocks, digital gold, IPO, and currencies. You can either use the basic plan or the priority pack for performing paperless trading. They have ZERO Brokerage, commissions, and charges with Rs.25 + 18% GST levied to maintain the Demat account.

upstox refer and earn

What is Upstox refer and earn offer?

Upstox Refer and earn offer is about referring a friend to open an account, for which you get rewarded Rs.300/- for every worthy referral. Your friend gets a free Demat + trading account and a brokerage free stock investing on Equity delivery orders aside from a single platform for stocks, Gold, IPOs, ETFs, MFs, and more.

You can share the link with their mobile number, or via Facebook and Whatsapp.

How to EARN MONEY on Upstox by Refer and Earn?

To earn money through Upstox by their Refer and Earn scheme, you simply have to refer a person or a friend and a 6-digit referral code is all it takes to earn Rs.500/-. 

You can initially try family and friends and then extend it to as many telegram and Facebook groups as many as you want. 

Try to focus on groups which are mainly trying to earn money through such schemes. 

You can also try focussing on Quora groups.

How to withdraw Upstox Referral Amount?

To withdraw the referral amount in Upstox you will need to go through the below steps.

  • Go to
  • Log in with your user ID and password & check for your verified referrals.
  • Then if you wish to withdraw an amount, go to Account and click on a withdrawal request.
  • Tag a request to withdraw your referral money.
  • Press on the New button and then type the amount you wish to withdraw.
  • Your requested amount would be transferred within 24 hours from placing your request.

How do I find my Upstox Referral code?

To earn from Upstox referral code, you must first find the Upstox Referral code. 

  • For that, you need to sign up for the account with your username and password.
  • Enter your date of birth for verification and next tap the Menu option.
  • Tap on Refer and Earn option to copy the Upstox referral code.
  • Again, press on the share button, and then you have to copy the Upstox referral code or the link.
  • When you pass it onto your friend, they will have to use the Upstox referral link or code.

Upstox refer and earn is safe or not?

The product is backed by some of the most amazing people, so Upstox is a completely safe application. They especially keep it very safe and have all the safety measures in place.

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