How To Add Groovy Bot To Discord Server (2023)?

Groovy is a discord bot that fantasies every discord party by providing easy access to millions of songs worldwide. Before knowing more about Groovy, do you know what a bot on discord is? Well, a bot is an AI-driven automated tool, that auto functions and provides easy and quick access, and performs several tasks without requesting any efforts from the users.

Similarly, Groovy bots were used to play music in the background during the watch parties or live sessions to maintain a soothing and joyous atmosphere on the channel. It quickly fetches the songs from youtube as requested by the channel member, and plays them in the group. However, this music bot is longer partnered with discord because of issues related to privacy policies. We will read more about the Groovy music bot and know how it worked and served its users before getting banned. 

What Is Groovy On Discord?

groovy on discord

Groovy is a music bot on discord that use to serve the channel members by fetching the requested songs and playing them directly on the selected servers. It creates a playlist of a number of songs requested, this bot also helped the user to line up different songs in the queue according to the mood and time when they should be played. With this music bot, play, pause, next, shuffle, repeat, all these commands appeared to be more uncomplicated on the discord servers. 

There are not many difficulties in remembering some of the major and important commands that will prove to be helpful while using the Groovy bot. Some of the commands are explained herewith:

  • Play Command

You can use this command to play music of your choice. You just need to add the song name after (-play) and your song will be fetched from youtube searches and will be played.

For example: -play Despacito

  • Next Command (-next)

It will pause the current song and play the next song on the list 

  • Queue Command (-queue)

It will add the selected song to the queue and will get played once the previous song is finished.

  • Clear Command (-clear)

It will clear all the songs added to the queue. 

  • Lyrics Command (-lyrics)

This command will display the lyrics of the current playing song on your server screen.

  • Pause Command (-pause)

It will pause the current song that is been playing.

  • Resume Command (-resume)

It will resume the current song that is on pause.

  • Disconnect Command (-disconnect)

It will disconnect the Groovy bot from your server and stop all functioning. 

How To Add A Groovy Bot To Discord Server?

If you are fascinated after hearing about Groovy and what features and feasibility it has brought to the discord users, then you might also want to how the Groovy bot is added to the discord server. To add a bot to your server, you first need to visit the official website of that bot, in this case, it is Groovy.

  • Visit the Groovy website by searching it on Google or you can click on the link attached here 
  • On its homepage, select the Add to Discord option to add the bot to your selected server
  • Next, if you are not signed in to your account, sign-in quickly
  • Next, you have to give certain permissions to Groovy, such as permission to access username, email address, avatar, server joined in, etc.
  • Below the Permissions section, you will find an ADD BOT TO option
  • Click on it, a drop-down menu will appear
  • From the list of servers, select the server you want to add your music bot to
  • Tap on Continue and then on Authorize to proceed ahead
  • Pass the human verification step
  • Once the verification is done, the bot will be added to your selected server

Why Can’t I Add A Groovy Bot To Discord?

groovy bot to discord

Are you wondering why you are unable to add Groovy to your Discord server lately? Well, it is sad but Groovy is no longer allowed to serve on Discord due to a violation of Youtube’s Terms of Services. Groovy was using Youtube data for playing songs which means it was using Youtube as its source of entertainment and using it for commercial purposes without YouTube’s permission. 

YouTube which is an integral part of Google have taken legal actions against the usage of Groovy and has made them shut down its operations on Discord from August 30.


What To Use Instead Of Groovy Discord?

Since Groovy is no longer in use, you might be wondering about some other alternatives in order to play some beautiful and soothing songs on your servers. Well, some of the other music bots you can use instead of Groovy are, FredBoat, MEE6, Octave, etc. legally, you can connect your Spotify account to discord and make full use of its musical benefits for your entertainment purposes.

How Do You Invite Groovy To Discord?

You can add Groovy to your server, by going to its official website only. There you have followed some basic prompts, agree to certain permissions, and select the server. Thereafter, the Groovy bot will be added to your selected server and you can make use of it.

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