What is Cash App Text Message Scam & How to Avoid Such Scams?

Cash app is your next door bank that supports sending, receiving, and transferring not just money but also stocks and cryptocurrencies between friends, families, small businesses, and even salaries from companies to their employers. For P2P platforms, people are mostly worried about the safety and security of the site.

It is one of the safest apps to use due to its enormous security and safety features. Many people are worried about its safety ethics but as long as you do not disclose data unnecessarily, you will be mostly safe. However, there are many Cash app related scams that we will discuss today, but, before we do that, let us look at its safety features. The site offers the following security facilities.

  1. Security locks are firm with the Cash app and come with PIN entry, Touch ID, Face ID verification, and protection payments.
  2. The encryption provided is PCI DSS Level 1 certification and that can only mean your account is completely protected.
  3. Disable your card instantly and as soon as you identify it to be missing from you.
  4. Storing bitcoins is secure with them even when in offline modes.
  5. Protection from fraud is provided by the site and when enabled can protect you from different charges that are not authorized by them.
  6. Push notifications work very well with many for site’s security as you can always have a better tab and control over your account.
Cash app SMS scam

But despite all of it, various ongoing scams are predominantly done in the name of the Cash app. If you have fallen into the grip of one such scam and want to know more about them here’s a brief overview of many of them alongwith their resolution techniques.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, here is another list of Cash app scams via text which keeps happening frequently in the name of Cash App.

How to Avoid cash app text scam
  • Cash Flipping and Clearance Fee scams

Some people might claim to be able to increase cash if you send them an amount. This technique is known as cash flipping.

If some people promise you a sum and ask for a clearance fee before sending the money to your account, they are faking and it’s better to not go by their terms.

  • Puppy/pet deposit scam

Some scammers will send you fake photos of pets in trouble and will ask you to pay for their treatment and their food. They might ask you to deposit the money in their Cash app account. Never reveal your account information in such instances or scenarios.

  • Payment claiming scam

Some scams ask you to claim your payment by sending them a registration fee or a cash amount that is a deposit of some sort for allowing the payment amount to reach your account.

If you have payments due from your employers or from the businesses you serve, you can always go back and cross-check with them, if they are the ones sending the money. If not, you must always ignore such Cash app SMS scam messages.

Cash app will never request any type of funds from you ever. You can always expect that from them.

Periodically, sweepstakes are organized through Twitter, where the Cash app gives away money. These sweepstakes will never ask customers to send a payment or will never ask them for sign-in and PIN. Additionally, the Cash app will never ask for a payment, purchase any goods, and ask you to download an application. They won’t even ask you to complete any kind of test transactions from their end.

  • Home rental deposit scam

Scammers will provide a good or service which includes a cheap apartment or an apartment at a lower rate. If you get into a home rental deposit scam, you might lose a bit of amount. So, stay away from such scams as such proposals will never be placed by Cash App on your way.

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What is Cash app text message scam?

cash app text message scam

Often people complain of receiving a Cash app text message with a link in it asking them to click. If they click it, it might next ask to log in, and this kind of message either comes via email or as a Cash app scam via text, mostly as text Cash app SMS scam messages.

Usually, the $750 scam messages are Cash app scams via text that come to people’s message inbox and many people ended up getting scammed. Once you login, they can clear your Cash app balance as well as the linked bank account balance.

How to avoid?

Cash app will never send you any such Cash app SMS scam messages, so if you have received such a message, you can immediately call the Cash app to notify them.

Do not engage with the message and the best would be to not click the link but if you have clicked the link, at least do not login through the same link.

The only number Cash app uses to message you is 28581.  Check the number from which you have received the number, if it is a number other than this one, do not ever click on the link.

What is Cash app transfer text scam?

Cash app transfer text scam

Cash app transfer text scams will ask to straightway transfer the amount by entering your $Cashtag and password. These are usually transfers targeted from your Cash app balance. If you permit it, you might end up losing all your money available in your Cash app account.

However, there are ways in which transfer related scams can be prevented and they are being given below.

How to avoid?

To avoid Cash app transfer text scams, you must follow the below steps.

  1. Do not get your identification numbers anywhere locally or publicly.
  2. Do not message anyone who promises you cash through transfer texts by sending links.
  3. If they send you a text message or a mail stating you have won money and propose sending them some transfer charges or money for other requirements, you must not attend to them.
  4. Do not go for sellers who seem disputable or have doubtful reviews.
  5. Too good to be true offers can always be a scam so avoid them.

You will never receive any such text Cash app SMS scam messages from the Cash app, so if you get anything as such, it is always a scam.

What is Cash app reward text scam?

Cash app reward text scam

Rewards are promised if someone clicks on the link that comes with the text message. It primarily began just around the time when $CashappFriday was started. Under that scheme, users can win cash through weekly giveaways if they create engagement around the app on social media platforms. This kind of engagement can be reached by either retweeting or reposting the Cash app’s post and also even by replying to them.

The social media messaging scam is another scam where a text message is tweeted or sent via Facebook where people are asked to spread the message. If someone clicks on the link, your $Cashtag and details gets registered on the scammers’ website.

Usually, the process of reward text scams works as follows.

  1. You receive a message from a number posing to be from the Cash app.
  2. The message reads that you have won a reward amount as part of their giveaway or as any other scheme.
  3. Below the message will be a link that claims if it is clicked, it will take you to the page where you will be able to redeem your reward.
  4. Usually, such scammers will ask you to enter your $Cashtag and also your password.
  5. Once you enter those details, instead of being taken to the Cash app site, you will reach a non-reachable page.
  6. Meanwhile, the scammer will have your $Cashtag and your password that they can use to pull out all your money. Your login details are the key for which they came behind you. This way you will lose your Cash app balance.
  7. There is, however, one more way whereby the Cash app scammer will ask you to directly enter your debit card information. That way they can pull out the balance amount from your pocket.

How to avoid it?

Avoiding such a reward scam means making your text messages unit spam-free. You can do it by visiting message settings and then switching on Spam protection.

However, using this protection does not mean scammers cannot bypass this message.

Just by opening a smishing message, you cannot get scammed unless you have clicked on any of their provided links.

What is Cash app sign in code text scam?

Cash app sign in code text scam

There are rare instances where such an accurate scam comes up but it does come up for Cashapp many a time.

  1. In this kind of scam, you will get a sign-in code text that you ordinarily will receive when you request it as you might have forgotten a password.
  2. Each time, we get a link that we will have to click whenever we have forgotten the password.
  3. By clicking on the link, you can get to a page where you will be given an option to change your password.
  4. In some places, they ask you to just fill in a password. In some other spaces, they provide certain password criteria that you must fulfill to complete the change of password process.
  5. Once you have completed the process, you will be able to log in again.
  6. However, there are times when you might not have requested it, yet, you get a fake message link.

Such confusion can happen in either of the four below given instances.

  • If you have forgotten your password and you requested a link but you got it late.
  • Someone might have mistyped your number and clicked on forgot password either to scam you or by mistake.

How to avoid?

  • Any verification code that does not come to you at a time when you request it or if you have not requested it at all, treat as a scam. Do not entertain any of it and also do not reply to such a Cash app scam via text messages.
  • Do not share your Google PIN or the card number with anyone.
  • Set up a two-factor authentication PIN or a fingerprint mechanism for making transactions.
  • Do not engage in sweepstakes or even in giveaways that seem to come from a suspicious number.
  • If you get money from some mysterious source, return it after informing the Cash app.

No one will ever ask you for a sign-in code from the Cash app via social media, over the phone, or on any other medium.


Do Cash app alert scam text message?

No, you will never get a Cash app scam via text messages. They will in fact, never send you any messages and voice messages. The Cash app does not even have a telephonic help center.

Next time, if you receive an email, text, or a phone call stating Cash app giveaways and prizes, you must avoid it at all costs.

Is there a Cash app text scam?

There is numerous Cash app scam via text and each of these scams is unique in their way. If you read the above article, you can understand the different types of scams available around the Cash app.

Will Cash App ever text me?

The Cash app will not text you for rewards and giveaway schemes. There is just one number from which the Cash app claims to be sending messages and that is 28581. If you get a message from them from some other number you can treat it as fake.

Why did I get a text code from Cash App?

Cash app will never send you a text code unreasonably. If you get a code from them you might have either requested it or a scammer is trying to steal you.


Here’s a bit about scams through text and other different types of scams that make quite the news every day. If you faced it or, if you have heard someone face it, you must read this whole article to know more about them.Here we have discussed different types of scams, especially some scans through text messages is quite a bit for many and thus by reading about these scams and their types, you can try to prevent facing them at any time in the future.

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