How to cancel Starz subscription Plan (Complete Guide)?

Starz is a popular and premium American satellite and cable-provided TV network owned by Lionsgate Entertainment that airs tv shows, movies, and many more. It is also an on-demand subscription-based channel or over-the-top streaming platform that acts like TV and streaming app for subscribers. 

This simply implies that you can select the channels you want to watch and pay only for them. Moreover, if you have the Starz app subscribed directly or through any intermediate channel on any device, then you have to pay no extra charges! Starz has 15+ popular channels, 800+ movies, and tv shows worth watching.

Although the app gives several reasons to stick to it, at one point, we all want to pull the plug and get rid of our subscription plan. Be it because our bank balance is quite low, or it might be because we have simply had enough from that particular plan. 

If you are someone hunting for ways to cut off your Starz subscription, you have landed at the right place. Well, there are several ways to cancel your subscription. It all depends on the way you subscribed to the platform. 

Let’s begin! 

Well, it’s not so difficult. If you have subscribed through the Starz app, then here are the steps:

  • Go to or the app
  • Log in and go to settings
  • In that, select ‘More’ at the bottom right, select ‘Settings’ then ‘Account management
  • Under ‘My subscription,’ you can see and cancel the subscription.

This was through the Starz app itself; if you have to know how to cancel the subscription through another channel, keep looking forward to it. This article has got you covered with different methods. 

How to cancel a Starz subscription on Amazon?

cancel starz on amazon

You can get a Starz subscription only if you have been an Amazon Prime member and cancel the subscription; you have to follow the same way you got to it. Follow this—

  • Log in to your (prime members only) or the app
  •  Go to ‘Accounts and Lists’ on the top right-hand side of the screen
  • Go to ‘membership and subscriptions’
  • Go to ‘prime video channels’
  • Might need to log in again
  • In the list, search for ‘Starz’ subscription under ‘Your Channels’
  • Once found, see for ‘Cancel subscription’ option beside it.

You need to cancel by turning off the auto-renew option that will show up to ask when the current subscription will last and select the reason behind switching off. After that, you can freely opt out of this subscription.

Cancel Starz on iPhone:

You can follow this process when you have Apple Tv and have subscribed to Starz there. Otherwise, this process won’t work.

To cancel this subscription from your iPhone, you have to follow these steps:

  • Open settings in the iPhone, where you find it on the Home screen.
  • Go to ‘iTunes and App Store’ and put your Id details.
  • Tap on ‘View ID’ then find the ‘Subscriptions’ option. Here the entire channel list will be visible that you want no subscriptions.
  • Find Starz and click on it.
  • See down for the ‘Cancel Subscription’ option.
  • Confirm it, and it’s done!

Although the billing will end on the last day itself.

Cancel Starz on Roku

Like Netflix or Amazon Prime, Roku is a much better subscription for those looking for much better video content on Roku. So, let’s see what’s the process to break the subscription.

There are two ways to cancel the subscription on Roku. 

  1. From Roku streaming device and 
  2. From the Roku account directly.

To unsubscribe from your Roku account, follow this:

  • Using any device, open the browser
  • Open your Roku account and enter the asked details
  • Sign in on it 
  • Go to ‘Manage and Subscription.’ Here you can see a list of channels 
  • Find Starz and click on the unsubscribe button. You will be canceled from further subscriptions.

From Roku streaming device:

  • Got o your device and Roku player
  • Go to Home button on Roku
  • Select the channel store or ‘Streaming channels’
  • Find Starz on that list 
  • Now, a box shall pop up in your remote press (*) button.
  • Go to ‘manage subscription.’
  • Click ‘unsubscribe’ and confirm it. 
  • Somewhere you might be asked the reason for cancellation; put that and follow the step to cancel. Nothing more!

By now, you are done with canceling your Starz subscription through Roku.

Cancel Starz on Xfinity:

Xfinity is the cable subscription for TV and Internet packages whose parent company is Comcast. It has its TV, Internet package, etc., and it provides its services in Bundles. 

  • In Xfinity, go to Starz that you are subscribed to. 
  • Go to any channel in Starz and click on it. You will find ‘My Subscription’ in an information bar.
  • Go to the ‘cancel’ option, and you will be canceled from on-demand channels in Xfinity.

Cancel Starz on Apple TV:

Oh! You have got an Apple Tv, that’s great! And if you have iPhone, then it’s pretty easy to cancel the Starz subscription from here. See to it.

  • Go to setting in your iPhone and look for subscriptions
  • Look for Starz and cancel the subscription.

That’s all! 

How to Cancel a free trial of your Starz subscription on Hulu?

cancel a free trial

Well, Hulu offers a free trial of 7 days for Starz services and a 30days free trial period. And it is very affordable compared to other streaming platforms or apps, as low as $8.99/month. Now the length of the free trial period depends on the subscription that has been signed like Starz is an option for Hulu’s subscribers. So if you have to cancel this, you must follow certain procedures to end the subscription.

These are as follows:

  • Go to ‘accounts’ on the browser and search for ‘Your subscription.’
  • Choose ‘Manage Plan’
  • Choose ‘manage add-ons,’ which means your additional channels will be listed, and you have to choose Starz.
  • Toggle Starz to remove the subscription and review the changes to confirm that you have successfully unsubscribed from Starz on Hulu.

So, these are a few methods through which one can cancel the Starz subscription in given ways. I hope it will help you to navigate easily.


Can you cancel your Starz subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your Starz subscription anytime, either through Starz or any distributor, based on how you subscribed. But by adhering to certain terms and conditions on your billing. Thus, if you wish to cancel, look for the cancellation system on whichever device you want to cancel and look for the procedures on when and how to cancel, like after the trial period or can be done after that. Go to the terms of use of to know more about the Cancellation part and the Faqs section of it. 

Why can’t I cancel my Starz subscription?

There might be a few reasons for it; let’s have a look at the reasons one by one. 

  1. You may not have canceled before the free trial period ended
  2. Or have subscribed to Starz through other 3rd party distributors like Hulu, Amazon prime, etc. 

In any of these cases or any other problems you are facing through your cancellation procedure, you should reach out to the customer care number of Starz or the distributor to resolve it. They are the best resolution providers and will help you find ways to cancel your subscriptions. How to cancel a Starz subscription?

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