How to use Spoyl App? Spoyl App Country & Owner Name

  • What is spoyl app online shopping?

Spoyl is an influencer-led, fashion e-commerce site and app which provides a scope and platform to Indian fashion influencers to grow and monetize their fashion brands and name. Spoyl is a homegrown app to support small indie brands and local fashion brands to expand their businesses all across the nation.

It works on the principle of influencer marketing and collaborations between fashion brands and influencers. Collaborators include big names from the world of Indian fashion like Karan Wahi, Kritika Khurana, and Santoshi Shetty.

The repertoire of brands includes Wrangler & Ffemella, in-house labels KIS for women’s apparels, Spoylt Brat for trendy t-shirts, and Glare ‘N’ Glister for fushion jewellery.

How to spoyl app download?

Spoyl App Download

You can go to Google Play to download the app. Search for the app on the Google Play search bar and click the Spoyl shopping app to go to the app page. Further, hit the install button.

Spoyl app which country

The Spoyl app has originated in India which gives Indian fashion experts and influencers a scope to monetise their brands and is the ultimate desi fashion e-commerce destination.

Owner Name

Bhargav Errangi and Sumit Agarwal are the Co-Founders and CEO of Bengaluru based Spoyl Tech solutions Pvt. Ltd. Spoyl Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd was founded in 2015.

How do you sell on Spoyl?

You have to submit your application on Spoyl and then once it gets approved, you will get a free online store. You can begin adding all fashionable products and then begin the influencer programme to start selling your products and earn money. Spoyl handles everything from collecting payments and shipping the products.

Spoyl app 100% cashback

When you purchase exclusive deals on Spoyl, then there is chance to win up to 100% cashbacks.

Spoyl app review

The app is useful for Indian fashion influencers and hence enjoys a rating of 3.6 on Play Store. 

Is Spoyl app banned in india?

No, the Spoyl app is not banned in India as it is a homegrown app.


Is spoyl a chinese app?

No, Spoyl isn’t a Chinese app. It is an Indian origin app with 100 to 150 employees. It has received a total funding of $3.6 million so far from chief investors like TLabs, 500 Startups, and

Is spoyl app closed?

No, it is currently operating.

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