How to get HypeSquad on Discord (Complete Guide)?

If you have been a regular attendant at the discord platform, you must have come through users having different badges besides their names on discord. Everyone including you finds it interesting, is not it? These catchy, unique, and colorful badges beside the users not only catch the user’s attention but also make them a special identity in front of millions of users online on discord. These users are said to be the official members of HypeSquad. Now what is this HypeSquad and what are the advantages of joining this squad? 

The members of this community help discord in their promotion via advertisement or performing different online activities. The main goal of the members remains the promotion of discord on a wide scale, and the rest of the benefits come as per the admission to different houses or tiers. We will read to find out about HypeSquad in detail. 

Where is HypeSquad on discord?

hypesquad on discord

The HypeSquad is an online community of promoters, promoting discord via their online sessions or different catchy activities. Once you are a member of the HypeSquad, you will receive a badge next to your name and will get special attention and identity on the discord platform. 

To get the HypeSquad badge, you need to take a test, details of which are explained in the below sections. 

What does HypeSquad balance mean on discord?

The HypeSquad has two categories, tier, and houses. The tier is divided into two, i.e., the online tier and event tier whereas the houses are divided into three, House of bravery, House of Brilliance, and House of Balance. Users who want to join the HypeSquad are placed in one of these categories, only if they tally with the ideology laid down by Discord and co. Each house has different ideas and thus you will find its different meanings on Discord. 

  • House of Bravery

House of Bravery is designated for people with utmost confidence, courage, and tenacity. If you are selected for this community, this is because you have the required leadership skills and audacity to become the leading power of the group. 

  • House of Brilliance

House of Brilliance demands users have a sense of patience, calmness, and above all, discipline. These qualities and skills form the core of the HypeSquad. The members over here must know how to exist and lead the team despite the chaos and counterparts.

  • House of Balance

This house represents the combination of the above two houses. It defines how a person should be both brave and mindful at the same time. Hence, it chooses people who are mindful, have clearance to ideas, brave to take decisions, maintain peace, and balance the nature of the house.

On a general note, if you want to get chosen for the House of Balance, try answering the quiz in terms of balance, and maintaining togetherness in a group. Your answers should speak that you care about others, and believes in maintaining peace of the house. 

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How to get HypeSquad on discord?

Now all the question comes down to “How can you join HypeSquad on discord?” To know about the process, follow the steps below properly and try experimenting with it yourself and see if it works

Step1: JOIN HypeSquad

  • Open Discord and login into your account
  • On the first page of what opens up, search for the Settings icon, you can find it to next of your profile picture
  • Open the Settings menu
  • On the left pane, scroll down and click on HypeSquad
  • On your right pane, tap on Join HypeSquad

Step2: TAKE HypeSquad TEST

After you have joined the squad, you now have to take the HypeSquad test in the next step. To take the test:

  • Click on the Take a Test option
  • Answer 5 questions by choosing one of the correct options from the list of 4 options given
  • As per the answers submitted, you will be allotted a house

Can you still join HypeSquad on mobile?

hypesquad on mobile

No there is no way you can join HypeSquad through mobile. Joining of HypeSquad is strictly done on PC via discord website and not via discord application. 

Some key points to remember before you proceed ahead in joining the HypeSquad:

  1. You need to be at least 13 to join a house
  2. You should be at least 16 to join the event tier and must also hold prior gaming and event management skills
  3. If you want to change the house you have allotted, just click on the Take the test again and reappear for the test with some different answers which will let you have your desired house this time.


Is discord HypeSquad worth it?

The main perk of joining the HypeSquad is the badge next to your name. Besides this, you will also need to host events and participate in live community interaction, where your social behavior and even management skills get enhanced. You also get access to stickers, pins, and a swaggy T-shirt.

What is the best hype squad in discord?

All the houses in the HypeSquad have got their own characteristics and symbolic definitions. If you want to be a member of a specific house, try answering the questions of the quiz in terms of what each house’s ideology speaks. 

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