How to join the discord server without link (2023)?

With discord coming in on the social media platform, connecting with people in any corner of the world has become quite easy and flexible. Gamers can now group up to form a team and play their games online with easy and quick communication among themselves. It has added a lot more functionality to it, be it voice calls, video chat, forming multiple channels under a server, hosting watch parties, or conducting online live discussions. You can create different channels to discuss different topics and also refer your friends who do not have an account yet on discord because Discord is free and totally free. 

But all of these features and handy operations start upon the creation and joining of servers. 

What is a Discord Server?

discord server

A discord server is particularly a chatroom where discord users can join via invite. A server contains multiple channels, basically created to discuss different topics in each channel that as crypto, gaming, entertainment, content creation, etc. Anyone who gets a server invite can join it free of cost. You can find text channels or voice channels under the server list and can join them based on your preference. 

Now the thing is how can you join the discord server? Though a discord server is free to join you need to follow certain ordered steps to join it. We will be discussing it all in the below sections.

Can you join the discord server without an account?

If you do not have your discord account created and wondering whether you can join the discord server, we have got your answers. At first, any operation done on discord without creating an account is claimed to be unverified, which means you can be not there on the platform for very long. The same thing happens when you try to join the discord server without a discord account.

If you click on the server invite link, you will enter into the server and will be able to see the server screen, however, you will not be able to access all the features on discord. Like you will be prevented to send direct DMs to any member or even if you can not access the whole conversation, it will be hidden after some part. To access beyond the prevented area, the discord will ask you to create an account on Discord. After creating the account, you will be officially verified on Discord and will have access to all the premium benefits and be able to join and use servers and channels on discord. 

If you are unable to create a discord account, take help from the below-mentioned steps:

  • Go to discord’s official website or download the application on your device
  • Enter any username of your choice and click on the arrow to continue
  • Complete the Captcha to proceed ahead
  • You will then land on the Get Started page. You can skip it if you do not want to create a new server
  • After this step, you will be asked to enter your mail address and set a strong password in order to secure your account
  • Find your confirmation mail by going to your mail id 
  • Click on the click to complete the verification procedure
  • When completed, click on Claim Account to get finished creating your account

How to join the discord server without a link?

join discord server

Joining a server on discord is an easy task if you have got a joining link. If you have got a joining link, all you have to do is to open the link and press Join to enter into the server. But what if you do not have an invite link? Don’t worry we will cover this query too. There are three different ways by which you can join the discord server without a link. But before moving ahead you should be aware of the type of servers discord has:

  1. Public Server

You do not need any invitation link to join the public server. The public server is open to all discord users.

  1. Private Server

Private Servers are specially built for some important group of members under a specific niche of community. You need to have an invite link for a private server to join. There is no way to join a private server if you do not have any invitation link.

Firstly we will discuss how you can join a public server without a link.

  1. Using Explore
  • Open Discord on your PC
  • On the homepage, navigate to the left sidebar
  • Click on the Compass button at the very bottom of the bar
  • Find the server by entering the server’s name
  • If you are unaware of the server name, browse by categories
  • When you found your results, click on “Join (Server Name)
  1. Using is a website, basically a pack of servers and bots supported by discord. You can search for the server on this website and join it from the search results. The steps to search and join are mentioned below:

  • On your web browser, type and search the address
  • Once the website opens up, click on the Discord Servers
  • Under ‘Explore millions of Discord Bots & Servers’, search for the desired server by typing its name
  • Once you got your server, click on Join

 3. Using Disboard

Disboard is another website where you can find millions of public servers online. You just have to search for your server and if you find it in your search results, open it and click on join to join the server on discord. 

How to join the Discord server?

Joining Discord is quite easy. You just have to click on Join on the invite link you have got and you will enter into the server instantly. To know more about joining a discord server through various possible ways, read below:

With expired link

There are no possibilities of joining a discord with an expired link. Discord never allows its user to carry out any action on the expired link. If you happen to miss joining the server through the link and later on found to be expired, you can then ask the owner to generate a new invite link and send it to you. 

For future safety, it is recommended that you tell the owner to generate the link which is permanently active. 

To generate the server link:

  • Open Discord and log in with your login details
  • From the main menu, tap on the desired server
  • Click on Invite
  • Click on Copy Link and it will copy the link of your server to your dashboard
  • Now you can send copied link to anyone who you want to join to your server

With ID

Every discord server is authenticated with unique IDs. You can find the unique ID of your server by following the steps below:

  • Open Discord
  • Go to the Setting sections
  • Click on Advanced from the left pane
  • Select the Developer Mode
  • Once the Developer Mode is activated, you can easily find the Discord ID
  1. Right-click on the Discord Server
  2. You will get the ID number
  3. Copy it 

You will hence get the 18-digit unique Discord ID code.

But it will be disheartening to know that you can not join any server even if you have its ID. You can only join a server when you have the invitation code from any of its server members or an invite link. Discord server ID code just helps to know about the name and other basic details about the server and it does not help with the joining process. 


Can you join the discord server without an invite?

Yes, you can join the discord server without an invite provided that the server you want to join is public. Public servers do not necessarily require invite links to get joined whereas you must have an invite link to join the server.

How to check when a discord server was made?

  • On your Discord window, open the console
  • Paste the following code in console:  function getCreationDate(id) { return new Date((id / 4194304) + 1420070400000); } getCreationDate(“insertId”)
  • In the place of insertId, enter your server ID 
  • Hit enter and you will get the age of your server

How many mods should a discord server have?

2-3 mods are ideal for a working server. Too many mods can mess up the working environment. However, you can replace your mods if you find your older mods are not up to the mark in handling the server members.

How many discord servers can I Join?

You can join up to 100 servers at one time. If you wish to join another server beyond this, you have to leave your previous servers. There is no other way you can go beyond this limit set by Discord. 

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