How to USE GCredit in Food Panda? How to PAY & Remove GCash

In the Philippines, Food Panda, the biggest online food platform signed a deal recently with GCash, the country’s leading mobile wallet facilitator. Cashless payments are gaining speed and are now the new customer service being offered by many all across the globe. Similarly, Food Panda is also offering a cashless payment service to its users with the help of GCash. 

How to USE GCredit in Food Panda

How to USE GCredit in Food panda?

GCash users can use GCredit to pay bills and food from Food Panda has an option whereby customers can use the GCredit platform to pay for their ordered food. By increasing your GScore, you can increase your GCredit limit so keep paying through GCredit to have more Credit bandwidth at one point. 

Using your GCash account can ensure you get a Food Panda GCash discount. So GCash facilitates discounts when the card is used for buying food from Food Panda.

How to PAY Food Panda using GCash?

To pay with GCash you have to consider your orders from Food Panda. 

STEP 1- Choose your order with Food Panda.

STEP 2- Select GCash for payment purposes when checking out.

STEP 3- Choose to Place an order.

STEP 4- When the GCash page opens, enter your GCash mobile number.

STEP 5- Enter the OTP that you receive in your GCash mobile number.

STEP 6- Incorporate your MPIN and then permit GCash to facilitate the auto-debit process.

STEP 7- Choose the Back to Merchant tab and then complete the transaction process.

How to Remove GCash in Food panda?

You can simply remove GCash from Food Panda by following some easy steps.

– Simply log in to your Food Panda account.

– Then from the left sidebar, check on the section that indicates Payment options.

– You can see those saved payment options here which you’ve saved while making transactions.

– If you don’t want GCash to be part of these accounts, then from the list swipe left on the GCash payment option.

– There, you’ll see the dust bin sign. All you need to do is just press it to remove the GCash option from your list.

How to Remove a Payment Method in Food Panda?

Removing a payment method follows the same steps as given above. So you can refer to them and find out how to remove a payment method easily from the account.

 There is no GCash option in Food Panda?

There is no GCash in Food Panda and you have to add it either by,

– Including your GCash debit card under your “My Payment Sections”

– Using it while ordering food.


Can you pay Food panda with GCash?

The option is not in-built in your Food Panda app and you’ll need to build it in by adding it to your Food Panda account or by saving the card when purchasing food using it.

Can I use GCash for Food Delivery?

Yes, you can use GCash for food delivery. You can either try using your Virtual Amex card or GCash MasterCard when ordering food using GCash for Food Panda.

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