How to Stream Hulu From Phone to TV? (Complete Guide)

If you are having difficulties getting an application that allows you to access your thousands of TV shows and movies and offers a wide collection of channels, the Hulu app has covered you. 

You can use the app on your mobile or computer, but to cast it on your TV, you must undergo a few extra steps. 

Here we have got you different methods to stream Hulu on Tv and the steps to do the same. So, let’s begin. 

How to Watch Hulu on a Smart TV?

Smart TVs generally have features that can connect to your WiFi to stream videos from platforms like Netflix, Prime Videos, Hulu, YouTube, etc. 

At times, you might find some SmartTVs already have applications like Hulu. All you must do is log in and binge into your favorite movies. 

How to Stream Hulu From Phone to TV?

However, if your SmartTv doesn’t come with the Hulu app, you can simply install it. The procedure mentioned below will guide you to stream Hulu on your Smart TV immediately.

How To Get Hulu on Your Smart Tv? 

  1. Select the Home option through your TV remote. 
  2. Now, search for the Apps section there and select it. 
  3. Find the search icon on the top of your screen to the right. Type Hulu there. 
  4. Use the prompts displayed on your screen and install the Hulu application. 
  5. Next, you need to launch the application. 
  6. The next step after launching the app will be to Log In on your welcome screen.

Now everything that’s needed from your end is choosing your profile and streaming! 

If you have forgotten your log-in credential, you can use the activation code to log in to our account. The steps for the same are:

  1. After you have launched your Hulu application select the log-in option on your screen. 
  2. Next, select the option stating to activate on a computer. Once you select this option, an activation code will appear on your screen. 
  3. Now, you need to visit this link
  4. Enter the code on your TV screen and Log in to your account. 

How to Stream Hulu From Phone to TV?

Before streaming Hulu from your phone to your TV, let’s look at the requirements. 

Requirements to Stream Hulu 

  • You will need a SmartTv with a built-in feature to cast from the phone. 
  • If your Smart Tv doesn’t have inbuilt casting functionality, you will need a casting dongle, i.e., Chromecast.
  • Next will be an HDMI cable.
  • Finally, good internet connectivity. 

What is Chromecast?

Chromecast is a streaming device used to connect a TV with an HDMI port. It was developed by Google that turned any TV into a smart TV. It allows videos from external devices to stream on your TV. With Chromecast, you can enjoy movies anywhere, be it your friend’s house or a hotel room. 

How do I watch Hulu on Chromecast?

Here’s how you can stream content from Hulu. Make sure the setup procedure is done before proceeding further. 

How to watch Hulu on Chromecast using Android or iOS:

  1. The basic requirement to start with is connecting your Smartphone and the TV with a similar WIFI. 
  2. Apart from this, you must connect your TV with an internet connection. 
  3. If you have the Hulu app installed, just launch it. 
  4. Choose the content from Hulu that you would like to stream. 
  5. Move to the top of your page. There will be an icon in Tv shape on the right-hand side corner. Tap that cast iron. 
  6. Hulu will ask you to enter the device you want to cast the content. Select the Tv that you want to stream on. 

Method 2: Google Cast (Any Phone)

Another way to steam your Hulu contents on Tv from your phone is by using google cast; most people think that Google cast and Chromecast are the same. However, they are different in some ways. Before proceeding through the detailed steps of casting through google cast, let’s examine the difference between the two. 

Difference between Google Cast and Chromecast: 

Google Cast, produced by Google, is software that enables users to share their screen across any smart TV, laptop, tablet, or Smartphone. Chromecast, on the other hand, is a media streaming adaptor produced by Google. It’s a hardware dongle that plugs into any TV HDMI port to transform it into a smart streaming device. 

How to watch Hulu on Google Cast using Android or iOS:

First and foremost, to use google cast, you need devices that have google cast enabled. You can use a Chromecast dongle, an Android TV box, or a Sony smart Tv. 

The benefit of using google cast is that you do not require the Hulu app on your device. However, you have to get it on your phone first.

The casting feature is available for any phone that has Android 5.0 or higher or iOS 10.0 or higher. The steps to cast through google cast are: 

  1. Get your Tv and phone to be connected through the same WiFi
  2. Your TV should also have an internet connection directly apart from the WiFi. 
  3. Now you have to open the Hulu account on your Smartphone. 
  4. There, go and check a cast option. 
  5. You will get a list of devices you can cast it on. Choose your preferred device as your Smart TV. 

That’s it! You just need to give your movie a title and start streaming it. 

Mobile Remote (Any Phone)

With the recent update in the Hulu app, you can find a mobile remote feature. This feature helps in casting from your Smartphone to your SmartTv. 

To get casting with this method, ensure the Hulu app is installed on your game console, smart TV, or set-top box. Then, log into the Hulu app on your TV, and you’ll be all set to start casting:

Here are the steps to follow: 

  1. Install the Hulu app on your SmartTv, console, or setup box. 
  2. Log in to your existing Hulu account 
  3. Make sure you have the same WiFi connection for your SmartTv and Smartphone. 
  4. Apart from the WiFi, the SmartTv must be connected to a real internet source, not just the WiFi. 
  5. Search for an icon that looks similar to a Tv. Click on it to cast your Hulu app on Smart Tv from the phone. 
  6. Choose your SmartTv as the preferred device to cast. 
  7. Finally, all you need to do is choose a title and get things live on your SmartTv. 


Can you stream Hulu for free?

Hulu only offers a free trial once. After completion of your free trial, you need to purchase the subscription plan of Hulu, which can cost you approximately hundreds of dollars per year. However, there are certain methods to get free access to Hulu. You can check out the methods on our website!

How many Mbps do I need to stream Hulu?

The minimum Mbps to stream Hulu is 1.5 Mbps. Here are the detailed Mbps you need per the video quality you prefer. 

  • Hulu Live Tv: 8 Mbps
  • High quality 1080p video:6 Mbps
  • High-quality 720p video: 3 Mbps
  • Standard video: 1.5 Mbps

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