How to Use Ticketmaster Mobile app [2023]?

With the Ticketmaster app, you can always have all your tickets together. View, manage or use your tickets whenever and wherever required with the Ticketmaster app on your device. With the help of this app, you can plan your events well ahead, almost from the time they are announced, and go into sales mode. 

How to Use Ticketmaster Mobile application?

Use Ticketmaster Mobile app

You’ll have to sign in to your Ticketmaster mobile ticket app with a username and password after downloading the app. 

– From the left side space, you can find out the type of events. 

– Choose by clicking on the one that most interests you- sports, concert, art and theater, and also family. 

– Next, you can check your booked tickets from your my tickets tab. 

– You can make changes to your account from the My Accounts sections. 

– You can find important stuff from the My Listings section.

– From the options available, choose your favorite shows; book them by clicking on the show of your choice. 

– Before buying you can choose your venue and also choose your seat from the seating plan available in front of you.

– Next, keep the bought ticket in your wallet and then when you go to the show, just display the tickets, and let the event staff scan your bar code.

How to sell Ticketmaster mobile ticket?

Yes, you can sell your tickets, if you’re unable to attend the show or concert. 

– For this, you will have to incorporate a method of delivery of tickets in your Ticketmaster mobile ticket app

– Further, you will have to click on the transfer ticket tab to select those seats which you are going to sell. 

– You need to enter the buyer’s name and add their email address to send the tickets to your buyer. 

– This way your buyer would be notified by Ticketmaster about the transfer of tickets and then help process your payment for the tickets you sold. 

– You can then go ahead and update the delivery status of your ticket from the My tickets>sales segment.

How to transfer Ticketmaster ticket?

Ticketmaster mobile-to-mobile ticket transfer is easier with Ticketmaster by following the below-mentioned steps.

– From the Ticketmaster app, sign in to your account.

– Scroll down to the My Tickets segment and then choose the event whose ticket you wish to view.

– Click on the Transfer tab and choose the tickets you wish to transfer.

– Enter your recipient’s information including their telephone number and email address and then you can also try entering an optional note.

– Finally, click on Transfer Ticket.

Your ticket will show as transferred and when your recipient accepts the ticket, it will show as claimed. From your account, the ticket will become invalid for entry once you have transferred it to someone else.

How do I get my Ticketmaster tickets on my phone?

If you’ve selected Ticketmaster go mobile for mobile entry, then your mobile phone will become your ticket for the event and your ticket won’t be available physically or won’t be emailed to you.

– Open your app from a mobile device.

– Login to your app and locate your ticket from the My Tickets section.

– Click on your ticket and then show it. Your ticket and the barcode in it will be scanned before allowing you to enter.

Ticketmaster mobile ticket Apple wallet

Adding tickets to a digital wallet is not available for Android users as of now.

But for iOS users, you can easily follow the below-mentioned process. It is not a mandatory process and is optional since tickets can be easily found in your Ticketmaster account from its website.

– From the app, sign in to your account.

– Click on the Event to view your placed ticket order.

– Click on it to add to your Apple wallet.

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