How to Reopen CashApp account| Cash App Locked My Account

Cash App locked my account then i follow the below steps to recover and reopen my account. Must follow this article to the end, if you are also facing this problem.

How to reopen a Cash app account?

There can be three ways to reopen Cash account if the Cash app locked your account.

Open a new account 

How to reopen cash app account_

– Open a New Cash account by feeding all the details required to create a new account. Details would include your name, address, SSN and government identification numbers.

– Click on the Profile icon and select the Support tab.

– Select the Something Else option

– Choose Can’t Access Account

– From the Can’t Access Account option, click on Contact Support.

– Contact the customer service and mention in details your old account.

Access your old account

– If you can access your old details like your old telephone number and email address, it is easier to access your old account.

– From the old account change your settings from there. 

Contact Customer Support

Contacting Customer Support directly through telephone or email is also a way to retrieve your lost Cash app account.

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How to get unbanned from the Cash app?

If the Cash app finds you to be sketchy, they might prefer to ban you. It could be any violation of terms and services.

To get unbanned or unblocked on the Cash app, follow the below steps;

  • – Login to your banned Cash app account.
  • – Navigate to the home screen
  • – Choose the Support option from the bottom of your profile page.
  • – Upon contact, the Cash app will send a confirmation mail alongwith the time when they would enable the unlocking of your account.
  • – Post verification, users are free to use the account.

If you are banned and you are not able to access your Cash account at all, then it might be preferable to contact them through phone or email. It might take 5-6 business days to reactivate a Cash account.

Cash app account closure for violation of terms of service?

Accounts get closed when there is a violation of the terms of services. If they identifies any activity that seems like a scam or fraud, they would block your account immediately.

Cash app can block your account if you use the card in any gas station or even when you pay to a massage parlour. But the reasons quoted for blocking the Cash app account on both occasions would be different.

Thus, violations can block accounts that can have different implications for your accounts.


  • – multiple failed login attempts, 
  • – frequently sending money 
  • – altering login credentials several times, 
  • – multiple account login using one device, 
  • – or making transactions that do not seem clean to the Cash app might also be factors responsible for blocking Cash app accounts.


How do I reactivate my Cash App account?

If the Cash app locked your account, users can activate the Cash account, by performing the below steps.

  • – From the home screen, click on the Cash Card button.
  • – Click on the Cash card image.
  • – Click on the Activate button.
  • – Click OK when the Cash app asks permission to use the camera.
  • – QR code scanning is required to reactivate the account.

If you no longer have access to the QR code,

  • – Click on the Cash card button from the Cash card home screen.
  • – Click on the Cash card image
  • – Click to Activate the Cash Card
  • – Click to use the CVV instead.
  • – Punch in the CVV code, and the expiration date of your new Cash card.

How do I unlock a closed Cash App?

If the Cash app locked your account, unlocking a closed Cash app card can be done by;

  • – Logging into the Cash app account
  • – Move into the profile of the Cash app Home Screen. 
  • – Choose the Support option
  • – Request for support help.

Can you open another Cash App account?

Yes, you can have two Cash app accounts. But you will have to use two different email IDs and two different telephone numbers to open two different accounts.

However, you can use the same social security number and the bank account for both Cash app accounts.

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