How to Change Colored Text in Discord (2023)?

Since the app was launched, Discord has developed several new features and updates. From formatting text to coloring text messages, Discord has covered everything. If you are excited to change the color of your text message from the same old default white color, this article is Just for you! 

Can you color text in Discord?

The simple answer to this question is that yes, you can easily color text on Discord just with a few lines of supper easy code. 

However, the question you might be wondering about is, how does the color text in Discord even work? Well, the basic concept lies in that to build the interface of Discord, one of the most popular front-end languages, i.e., Javascript, was used. 

Moreover, a library named highlight.js and the Solarised Dark theme is used for the interface of Discord. So, overall, the only thing that matter for you to change your color text is to encapsulate the text that you need to change the color of in a block of code. 

Through this article, we will be looking into all the possible colors you can embed in your text on the discord app. 

How to have colored text in Discord?

colored text in discord

In order to change the color of your text on Discord, one needs to write a three-line block code. In this code, the format is as follows: 

  1. The hard and fast rule of changing color on Discord is that you must include” `” characters on the first line.
  2. Next, the second line of code can be any text that you want to color and display on your screen. 
  3. The final line of code should be” `”

Apart from these, you can easily enter the text you want to colorize in two different ways. 

The first way to do so will be by having a complete file of texts which includes different codes. Each code is different for different text colors. You can cut out and paste the segment of code that you want to use as of now. 

Now the second way is the one we mentioned earlier. You just have to include the text in the second line of your complete block code. To run the code, you must press the Shift along with the Enter key simultaneously. 

Once you follow the procedure mentioned above, you will notice a change in the color of the text you have entered. Since you have a clear idea regarding the format of code by now, let’s hop into the different codes that you can use for different colors. 

1. Red Discord Text Coloring

To color the text in red color, you need to follow the steps mentioned below. 

  1. Write down three backticks and then type in the keyword “diff” 
  2. In the next line, enter the text message starting with a hyphen. (Please note that even if the text is more than one liner, all of them will be displayed in red color)
  3. At the end of the code, close it with “. 

Please note that if you separate two lines manually, use the hyphen while starting each line. Without a hyphen,, the text will be displayed in its default color. 

Here is an example: 


-This text will be displayed in Red. 

-To do so, we have used a simple code. 


2. Green Discord Text Coloring

The procedure to color the text in Green is almost similar to that of coloring it in Red. The only difference one can mark is the addition of + Symbol instead of a hyphen used for red coloring. 


+This text will be displayed in Green. 

+You need to follow the above-mentioned steps to color your text in Green. 


3. Blue Discord Text Coloring

Embedding your text with blue color is a bit different from that of red and green color. In the case of blue, you need to change “diff” with “ini,” and instead of a + symbol or hyphen, you need to use opening and closing square brackets to include your text. 


[This text is displayed in blue color]

[As mentioned in the procedure, the text is included with square brackets]


The other ini and square brackets alternatives are “md” and #, respectively.


#This text is displayed in blue color

#You can try out the above-mentioned code to color your text in blue


4. Gray Discord Text Coloring

The keywords for the Gray coloring of text need a little bit of swapping from the blue keywords. Here you need to use ini with #. 


#This text is displayed in grey color in Discord

#Please note the difference in keyword combination from that of the blue coloring of the text


5. Orange Discord Text Coloring

In order to display your text in the orange color, you can use css place of diff or ini and use square brackets just like you did for blue coloring. 

Here’s an example: 


[This text gets displayed in orange color]

[Sqaure braces are a must for coloring with orange color]


6. Cyan Discord Text Coloring

There are several syntaxes for coloring your text in Cyan color. Keywords like json, bash, ml,, and yaml can be used. Please note that instead of the hyphen or Plus symbol or any brackets you did for other colors above, you need to type in the text between “”.

For example: 


“This text is in Cyan color”

“There are two more alternative codes to get this color.”


You can use “bash” instead of Json.


“This text is in Cyan color.”

“There is one alternative code to get this color mentioned below.”


You can use ml as stated below:


“This text is in Cyan color.”

“There it is! You have successfully colored the text in Cyan.”


7. Yellow Discord Text Coloring

Using yellow is a little different from using the other colors mentioned above. Within a set of yellow text codes, just one paragraph with no new line breaks is permitted. If you wish to utilize yellow in a different paragraph, you must create a new set of yellow text codes. In addition, the term “fix” (FIX syntax) is used in yellow code.


This text will be displayed in yellow



Please utilize the code repeatedly whenever you switch to a new text.


Things to consider before entering these codes: 

  • You should not put in any pace after the first line before the keywords “css”, “yaml”, “md”, “ml”, “fix”, “bash”, “json”, “ini”, “diff”.
  • Please include the syntax languages in lower case. For example, bash, diff, ini,, and others must only be included in lower case. 
  • The code will work even if you do not add space in between your text words or characters. Hence you do not need to add them if it is not required. 
  • In order to start a new line,, you must use the Enter key on your keyboard. 
  • In order to get the color,, you can simply paste the code by copying it from here. You need to type it manually if that doesn’t work for you. This is because the format for the different special characters differs from browser to browser. 

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How to send colored text in Discord?

As a discord user, you can change the color of text through the process mentioned above in this article. However, the color that you have changed will reflect on your screen. For example,, if you send a message to someone and use these codes to change the color, then only you can notice the change in color and not the receiver of your message. 

How do you change text color on discord mobile?

send colored text

Changing text color in a discord mobile app is similar to that of a PC. The syntax for the same is: 

For Green Text: 


“Your Text Here” “`

For Blue Text: 


<Your Text Here>` “


How do you use the color BOT Discord?

The Color BOT of Discord serves as a way for discord users to change the color of their name. The Color BOT comes with several features and is used widely for the following reasons: 

  • To access the color BOT, one needs to use the slash commands, which are extremely easy to use for even normal people. 
  • The color BOT allows users to customize with several setting options as per their requirements. 
  • It also helps to customize permission, which allows users to have a safe server. 

Colors can be added by using the commands “/add default colours” “/add random colour”, “/add hex colour”, and “/add rgb colour”,

“/set colour number:1” or “/set colour name:colorName” will return a colour.

You can alter the roles in the server settings and then apply the changes using the “/update colour list” command.

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