How to get Cash Card for 13 year olds? New Update in Cash app

Cash app for 13-year-olds New Update Details

As we all know Cash app is one of the most popular money transaction apps in the United States and the United Kingdom. Not just money, you can even transact stocks and cryptocurrencies using the Cash app. But did you know the Cash app has made some changes accommodating children in using the app?

Earlier Cash app was strictly for 18-year-olds and above. But now there is an extended version of the Cash app where users between 13 years and 18 years can access the extended Cash app features in the United States.

The features that will be available to this particular age group will include P2P transactions, direct deposits, owning and using a Cash card, and even the Boost scheme provided by the Cash app. But, all of it will only be possible with approval from a legal guardian or a parent.

How to use Cash app for 13-year-olds?


To activate the Cash app for a 13-year-old, follow the below steps.

  • Open your Cash app and sign in.
  • Check if sufficient funds are available in your account. Use a debit card linked to your account to add funds to your stored balance.
  • Add an email address, phone number and $Cashtag to your account.
  • Mention the reason for making the payment. You can even send the payment to your parents account to activate the card.
  • Finally, click the Pay button to continue with the transaction process.

As soon as you try to complete this activity, the Cash app will ask the user to provide more information. When the Cash app detects the age range of the user, you will need to suffice more details about your parent or guardian.

Add their name, email address, phone number and Cashtag to get approval.

The Cash app will collect the details and reach out to the parent/guardian to get approval for the new account.

How to get Cash app card for 13-year-olds?

If you plan to request a Cash card, use this way to do so.

  1. Choose your Cash Card tab from the home screen of the app.
  2. Customize your card style and add your birth date and name.
  3. Add your parent’s or guardian’s name and then click on the Send button.

Can a 13-year-old have Cash app?

Yes, as per current policies, the Cash app is available for a 13-year-old.

Can I make a Cash app for my child?

If your child is 13 years and above, you can surely make a Cash card for them.


Here’s what you can do with a Cash app account if you are 13-year or older. Read the way you can activate the Cash app account and try it out for yourself.

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