How to Alphas Plan App Download [2021]? Register Application Now

What is Alphas plan app?

The Alphas Plan app has laid a claim according to which anyone can earn using the app. They can either use the website or mobile applications.

You get to do a lot with the app apart from earning money. You can obtain your balance and buying power time for real. You are allowed to buy different types of equipment and then there is a 20 day severing period. It is also a way people would earn using the app.

alphas plan app download android

How to Alphas plan app download?

The apk file is present in third-party stores.

For Android devices, you need to change the Security tab from the Menu Settings. Further, toggle the switch which allows apk downloads from unknown sources.

For iOS devices, one must trust the app apk after downloading it from the AppStore for running and installation of the app.

How to use Alphas plan app?

To use the app apk, you need to do the following steps.

  • Fill in your mobile number, enter the Captcha and then add the password, confirming it again. Click on Register then.
  • Now you’ll be asked to invest in companies within the app.
  • Companies may ask you to invest an amount which after 20 days of severing would earn you a sum with a certain daily earning.
  • That way you would be earning back your original sum and also an additional amount in that period.
  • Different companies would ask you to invest different amounts for a set period.
  • You can choose as much as your pocket allows you. Once you select the product company in which you want or invest your money, you have to choose it.
  • Now, click to choose a payment gateway- Paytm, Google Pay, BhimPay, PhonePe, Wallets, Net Banking or UPI.
  • Make the payment the way you choose.
  • Post entering the validation OTP you have to enter the 12-digit UTR number and then you must click on the submit option.
  • Your daily earning would be reflected in the tab every day.


Some of the most notable features are;

  • Easy Withdrawal of the amount.
  • The app offers easy referral earning schemes.
  • Easy to use friendly interface for the users.
  • Personal information can be kept private within the app if you do not wish to display it.

Alphas plan app Real or fake

The Alphas plan app is real and when people who have failed to earn from it or use it due to technical glitches or some other issues successfully have termed it as fake on many occasions.

Alphas plan app not working Solution

The three most prominent solutions which can make the app work once again are;

  • Clear the caches for the app to run again.
  • Uninstall the app to re-install the Alphas Plan app again.
  • Check if you’re using the right version of the app.

App Review

The app has still not received very fair reviews due to various kinds of glitches that people have faced with the app over a while. Nonetheless, some do claim that the app has paid them fairly well through their investments.

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