Sun Factory Earning App Download | SunFactory Launch Date, Real or fake?

What is the Sun factory Earning App?

Sun Factory application is a money-making app that is rolling some good money-making schemes for those who want to earn some extra money. Generally, the app pays you Rs.60/- for each of the references you make. Yes, you would be charged 18% of the total amount withdrawn from the account. The minimum amount you can withdraw cannot be less than Rs.150/-.

But is this app is REAL or FAKE? If Real then How to EARN Money from Sunfactory? & What is the App Launch Date? Know every detail of the app here.

sunfactory earning app

How to Sun Factory Earning App download?

You can download the Sun Factory app by going to Google Playstore.

– Now search for the “SunFactory“.

– Tap the Install tab and then wait for the installation to happen.

How to EARN MONEY SunFactory App?

To use Sunfactory earning app, one must go through the below procedures.

– As soon as you have downloaded the app, you can immediately add your bank account to the app.

– Once you have bought some of the revenue types of equipment, you can benefit yearly from it.

– There a certain amount of quota fixed to it and by tagging it, you get to gain an amount out of it.

– If you’re investing an amount in all this revenue equipment, there is a chance that you have an amount out of them on an hourly basis.

– Once you tap on the lease option you can either pay from your wallet or you could pay up from the balance amount that you have in your account.

– Once you have confirmed adding the amount, you are all set to lease as much revenue equipment as many as you want.

– The hourly payouts increase with each lease that you take up.

– Withdrawal can be done for amounts more than Rs.150/-. The business works from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm till Friday.

– So, this app is easily allowing you to earn 


The Launch date is April 2021.


The app reviews are good, specifically from people who have used the app and are willing to go with it. The app is paying out to almost every other entry and though it’s new, it is doing well. 

Is SunFactory App Real Or Fake?

Sunfactory app is a new app and is launched only a few days back. So Its too early to trust this app.

You Should Keep these things in mind before using it…

  • Don’t invest Huge Amounts in this app.
  • Withdraw your earned amount as soon as possible. Because apps like this runaway overnight.

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