How to activate Pag ibig loyalty card plus online?

Most of the population is still unknown to the term Pag significant. The home development mutual fund (HDMF) is generally known as pag ibig. The government and controlled corporations usually own it under the department of human settlements.

It was founded under presidential decree number 1530, which was signed on the month of June 11, 1978. Its main ambition is to solely as provident fund (PF) to encourage or acknowledge about savings among Filipinos.

How to activate pag -ibig loyalty card plus?

activate Pag ibig loyalty card plus

Follow the simple steps for it:

Accomplish a page -IBIG loyalty card plus application form ( HQP-PFF-108).

> Submit the loyalty card plus at the nearest branch of Pag -IBIG, along with a photocopy of one valid identification card.

> Pay the corresponding card fee to our accredited bank operator

> Call the PAG IBIG 24/7 helpline number 724-4244 and enquire out about your PAG IBIG card has started or not?

How to activate loyalty card plus online?

Visit out the portal of the big portal and create the loyalty card with the help of the last four digit numbers mentioned on the loyalty card. It allows you to enjoy the special discount and rewards with various offers on home essentials and many more.

How to change loyalty card plus pin?

Our 16-digit card number is located at the backside of the Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card Plus.Install maglog-in sa hello pag IBIG app application.

> Tap on view card

> Tap on change PIN

> legally you agree to change PIN, and you conform to change

> put ID and password

> hence a new pin would be generated.

How to use loyalty card plus?

It can be used for different purposes like withdrawing money and transferring it to another account by using its official application.

It works as a savings card, cash card for your Pag-IBIG benefits, and a discount and rewards card for perks on various purchases and services used.

How to link loyalty card plus to union bank?

To link loyalty card plus union bank from resources.

You need to submit both side identification proof of both sides, and after verification, it would be linked up with the bank.

How to withdraw money from a pag-ibig loyalty card?

User may use your Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card Plus to withdraw using any BancNet powered ATM Machine to any corner of the World.

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