How to use yik yak app? Download yik yak app for Android iOS Device

What is yik yak app?

The Yik Yak app is another socializing app in the world. In this app, all users creating an account and using the app are known as Yaks. With the help of this app, you can find out different chains of ongoing discussions within an 8 km radius. The app is launched in 2013 and every Yak can view, read, and comment on all those message chains easily.

The app also allows one to peek into the same or similar discussions happening beyond the 8 km radius. This way users or Yaks can gain more information about the subject on board. Additionally, contributing to the subject becomes easier over time.

Download Yik Yak App

The app is free for those downloading and registering with it. However, the app got brutally criticized over the years after 2013. People alleged that the app was promoting cyberbullying. Due to such reasons, the app soon became unpopular and it was only on 15th August 2021 that the app was re-launched again.

How to yik yak app Download?

Downloading the app helps you register yourself as a Yak with the app.

1.yik yak app for android

The Yik Yak app for android can be downloaded from any of the third-party app stores.

  • Check on the Android Menu Settings and then check on the Security options. Now check on the box to initiate the download from unknown sources. 
  • Now visit any of the third-party app stores of your choice. Type in the name of the app, click on the download button.
  • Once clicked, the download will begin happening. Complete the human verification process, and then run and install the app on your device.

2. yik yak app for iphone

The Yik Yak app for iPhone can be downloaded directly from the Apple appstore. Simply click on the Get tab and download it to your device.

How to use yik yak app?

After downloading the app to your device, 

  • You will need to register with the app. 
  • This involves the validation of your phone number. 
  • You can add few personal details or you could leave it blank when creating a handle.
  • Browse through the different tools present at the bottom of the app which includes;
  • Herd feeds being displayed by clicking the Home tab.
  • Joining discussions and adding up to conversations can be done by tapping on the Herd tab.
  • Change Settings by clicking on it.
  • View previous messages and history by clicking on the My Stuff and notification tab.
  • The More tab allows you to change the technical details of your app.
  • With the Chat option, you can begin a personal chat with any of your herd members easily.


The app is open in providing many useful features.

  • Students of a particular school can be geofenced by the app authorities when and if the school requests it.
  • Voting provisions help either in increasing or decreasing the level of an individual.
  • Yakarma points can be gained by frequently contributing to the app chats and discussions. With the help of the points, one can participate in becoming the most popular Yaks.
  • Peeking into conversations happening out of your perimeter and anonymity providence are some of the most applauded features of the app.

Apps like yik yak app/alternative

Spout, Whisper, Jodel, and Nearby are some of the Yik Yak app alternatives.


The Apple appstore rates the app at 4.5. The app reviews are good when given by those liking and using the app. But as soon as the app reviews come from someone who has suffered in some way from the app’s usage negative reviews appear.

This is how the app became less popular the last time it had been brought into the picture.


Is Yik Yak still an app?

Yes, Yik Yak is still being used as an app.

Why did Yik Yak fail?

The Yik Yak app failed since people complained the app was promoting cyberbullying. Anonymously users could easily bully one another on the app is how people claimed it to be.

Is Yik Yak anonymous?

Yes, Yik Yak guarantees complete anonymity.

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