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What is SIV application?

SIV stands for Special Immigrant Visa. It is right now being offered to the citizens of Afghanistan who are attempting to flee the Taliban regime. Natives who worked with the US government as translators, diplomats, interpreters, clerical subdivisions, and also as special project assistants fear the Taliban more. Given the current scenario, the US government is opening up doors to individuals and the families who helped the 20-year survival of the US government in those lands.

There are two categories of SIV visas- SI (immediate relatives and families of the interpreters, translators, and other workers) and SQ (to the individuals who directly served the US regime in Afghanistan. Refugee status by both the visa types to Afghans willing to enter the United States.

apply for siv application program requirements

How do I apply for SIV application?

Under Section 1059 of the NDA (National Defense Authorization) Act, 50 (SI) visas are right now sanctioned for the translators working for the US. 

Under Section 602(b) of the Afghan Allies Protection Act of 2009, more than 4000 visa positions have been opened for the families and immediate relatives of those who helped the US regime in Afghanistan.

The application process is split into several steps and the petition documents need to be collected first to start with.

  1. The first step is filing a petition with the USCIS.
  2. VISA application preparation requires family record collection and petition clearances.
  3. Attending the VISA interview is the final step in the process.
  4. Post formalities arrival at the United States requires completing a few formalities.

Is SIV program still available?

Yes, it is currently open for Afghan citizens right now.

What are the requirements for SIV?

The links mentioned above guide you on the paperwork requirements for every step. Make sure all paperwork is to avail a quicker process.

How to SIV application status check?

Status check for your application can be done by sending mail to [email protected] or by calling 1-603-334-0828.

The customer service is open from 07:30 am to midnight.

SIV application email

[email protected] is the email ID for any type of correspondence.


In the wake of the rising terror threats due to the Taliban’s siege over Afghanistan, the population of Afghanistan is terrorized. Those who have cooperated with the US government during their stay in Afghanistan run a greater risk of death and destruction. Finding a chance to live again without the looming terror threat will be a boon for the Afghans migrating to other nations. The US policies will benefit those immigrants and refugees who are not a part of any crime and choose to live healthily.

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