Apply to BTO application 2021 & Check HDB BTO Application Status

What is BTO application 2021?

The Housing & Development Board (HDB) in Singapore is a group of builders who prepare housing societies for residential purposes. BTO (Build to Order) is a Housing and Development Board flat allocation system for people who want to buy or rent new HDB flats in Singapore.

BTO flats offer a 99-year lease; however, HDB flats have a limited period offer on their lease based upon how old they are. Every year four BTO launches occur viz; in February, May, August, and November. The third launch of this year which is the August 2021 launch has gone live now. 

About 4,989 BTO units have been put for sales across seven prime locations of Singapore from August 11 to August 17, 2021, Tuesday.

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The sale will close at 11:59 pm and the locations where properties are available for possession are Hougang Citrine, Hougang; Kovan Wellspring, Hougang; Toh Guan Grove, Jurong East; Towner Residencies, Kallan-Whampoa; Queen’s Arc, Queenstown; Tampines GreenJade, Tampines; Tampines GreenQuartz, Tampines.

How to get BTO application form?

The BTO application form is available here.

How do I apply for BTO application 2021?

You will need to register for the flats during the seven days of the flat sales and make your bookings. You need to fill up the registration form at the website and pay the application fee of $10.

How to Check HDB BTO Application Status?

To check BTO application status or results of your flat application you need to log in on You can either log in with the Signpass app by scanning the QR code or you can log in by using your Signpass ID And Pass.

After that Click on application status and enter the details to check your application status.

You can use this link to sign in.

BTO application rate?

The BTO application rate is a ratio of the number of applicants applying to purchase flats versus the total number of flats available for sale during the sale season.

What does BTO application rate mean?

The BTO application rate refers to the number of applications that are received by the HDB authorities during a particular sale period divided by the total number of flats supply.

For example; the BTO application rate of 5 means five applicants have applied for one flat.

BTO Application process

People have to apply for the BTO applications and then wait to see the ballot outcome. After this, they have to acquire their queue number and choose the flat before the first HDB meeting commences.

Finally, they have to choose the unit during the first meeting with the HDB and pay the down payment during the second appointment. This will help them have the unit keys and they can begin shifting.

Application Eligibility

The BTO application eligibility is as follows:

  • The income ceiling of people wanting to purchase flats is $14,000.
  • One applicant at least should be a permanent citizen of Singapore.
  • Applicants must be above the age of 21 years.
  • Those applications would be rejected which are applied by people who either have residential properties elsewhere (either in other parts of Singapore or overseas) or have disposed of such a property, not before 30 months before the date of application.


The BTO application requirements are as follows:

  • Marriage certificate
  • National Registration Identity card (NRIC)
  • Fire insurance certificate from ETIQA
  • Complete GIRO forms
  • Most recent CPF statements
  • Survey fee of $150 to $375 and registration fee of $38 along with stamp duty.


The benefits of buying BTO-HDB flats are:

  • Flats are available at a fairly low price for purchase.
  • New BTO flats are available with a 99-year lease.
  • The down payments charged are significantly less.
  • The wait time to possession is fairly less compared to other projects.
  • Higher grants offset higher prices.
  • The new projects are well-designed with all amenities and excellent services.

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