Punjab Educare app Student Teacher Corner-Download app for Pc android

what is the Punjab Educare app?

The Punjab Educare app was developed during the COVID-19 disaster by the Punjab School Education Department. With its help children from Punjab can attend both their online and offline classes easily. It also provides ample study materials for students and connects teachers to students effectively.

Studying the course syllabus no longer requires purchasing books as the entire course material for all the classes has been uploaded into it.  The app is particularly helping the government school teachers and students immensely.

How to download Punjab Educare App?

punjab educare app student teacher corner

The Punjab Educare app is available for download from the Google Playstore. Simply open the appstore and install the app on your device. The installation process is free and even surfing the app can be done free of cost.

How to Install & use Punjab Educare app For Pc?

Installing the Punjab Educare application on your PC is kept simple and user-friendly. Follow this brief process to get the app in your system.

  • Download an emulator from any of the emulator stores. Emulators can help run your device by giving way to an entirely separate device within your computer.
  • Once you’ve downloaded any emulator of your choice, open the Google Playstore from its interface.
  • Your PC is now well equipped to download the app in its environment.
  • Click to install the Punjab Educare app from the Google Playstore.
  • Once it is installed you can freely run the app in the emulator’s environment anytime you want.

Punjab Educare app teachers corner?

For the teacher’s corner, the Punjab Educare app has designed a sign-in process. 

  • Once a teacher registers under a certain school name, he or she can fill in their profile details.
  • From the left-sidebar of the app, one can visit the teacher’s stations.
  • Under the Teacher’s stations, one can find all the classes and their respective sections.
  • Even subjects are arranged neatly for the teacher to undertake a class.
  • All a teacher needs to do is, visit the particular section under a class, and select the subject he or she is supposed to cover. By clicking on the play tab, the teacher can easily go live with the students of that particular section.

Punjab educare app student corner?

If you’re a student whose school is using the Punjab Educare appl, before you begin, browse through the below points.

  • To establish the student’s login, you must first register with the app as a student.
  • Enter your school details and register yourself with the app.
  • Once done, you would be able to see your class. Your subjects would be marked on the left side. 
  • Each time you have a class, simply enter the classroom by clicking on the ongoing class.
  • Follow your timetable closely to enter your respective classes.

Can I USE the Punjab Educare application online?

The app can be used online as well as offline. Preparing notes and studying is possible using the app offline. For referring your course material you need not be online.


The education department was the worst hit by the pandemic. But slowly every state in India and abroad is recovering from it by employing different apps built for connecting teachers and students. The app acts as a boon for children from Punjab. 

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