How to apply for a Walgreens credit card application online?

What is walgreens Credit Card

Walgreens is the second-largest pharmacy store chain in the United States. Health and wellness products can be found here apart from filling prescription products and providing health information to its buyers.

Walgreens has partnered with MasterCard and Symphony and gives off credit and debit cards to users. It also offers reloadable credit cards. 

Recently Walgreens launched the MyWalgreens credit card program with two credit cards in its name- MyWalgreens MasterCard and MyWalgreens card.

These cards offer different health and wellness programs, several discounts, and sales offers. You can use the cards in either of the 9000 location stores.

walgreens credit card apply

Special rewards can be obtained through the Walgreens mobile app, even in Walgreens Duane Reade locations. These cards are issued for Walgreens using Synchrony Bank.

To obtain credit cards, you will have to apply for them.

How to apply for walgreens credit card application?

This is a sure-shot way of applying for Walgreens credit cards.

  • Go to the Walgreens credit card application site.
  • Click on the application and the online PDF form opens up.
  • The advanced tools of the PDF editor open up that helps you to fill the form.
  • Fill up the form fully including your official contact and identity details.
  • The checkmark option on the PDF file can help you point out the right answer.
  • Electronically signing the form means you will have to click on the Done tab.
  • A range of options will open up for you to choose from- either print, download or share your application using either of the tabs.

To apply online for Walgreens Credit Card Follow these steps…

Step 1:- Visit And sign in with your email/Username & Password.

Step 2:- If you don’t have a Walgreens account then click on Create Account.

Step 3:- Enter Your First Name, Last Name, Email, and Create Password. Join or Link your myWalgreens Membership by entering your phone number & Zip Code.

Step 4:- Now Click on Apply Now Button. After That, a new tab will appear with two options “Apply and Add As Preferred” & “Apply without adding as preferred“. You can choose either one of them.

walgreens credit card online apply

Step 5:- Now Enter your SSN/ITIN & Mobile Phone Number to auto-fill some of your details. If you want to do this manually then click on “I don’t have a Mobile Phone Number“.

Step 6:- Enter Your Details like address, Alternate Mobile Number, SSN/ITIN, etc details correctly. And then Click on the ‘Continue‘ Button.

how to apply for walgreens card form

Step 7:- Next, add authorized user details And check the mark if you want to buy the optional card security. you can also leave it unchecked if you don’t want it.

mywalgreens card form

Step 8:- And Then Click On Continue.

Step 9:- At last, Read the Terms And conditions And click on accept and submit button by checking the box. That’s it.

Accept and submit walgreens application

How to get Walgreens credit card?

Here are your steps;

  • Choose and register with your selected card type.
  • The registration process involves adding the user details in the appropriate order in the form.
  • Add finds into your card

Each of their cards would deduct $7.95 each month and as soon as you place $1000 in this account, you would be released from paying the monthly maintenance charges for the card. 


Several requirements one needs to fulfill are;

  • Users need to be loyal customers of Walgreens.
  • One needs to be a US citizen.
  • You must carry a valid US phone number.
  • Credit score requirements must be met for possessing the card.


  • Discounts
  • Offers
  • Rewards come your way easily. 
  • A 10% Walgreens cash reward. 
  • A 5% eligible reward on any other products other than the specified ones. 
  • A 3% cash reward. 
  • The store gives a $25 reward to all new or first-time customers.


Does Walgreens have a credit card?

Yes, Walgreens offers many types of credit cards; one can select any of them.

How do I add a credit card to Walgreens?

Apply for a credit card either online or through their store outlets to add a Walgreens credit card.

What stores take CareCredit?

Many other stores big retain chains or smaller ones accept Walgreens credit cards.

What credit score do you need for At Home credit card?

Any credit score below 680 cannot apply for At Home credit card.

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