How to register Seva Sindhu driver 3000 application form online? [2021]

What is Seva Sindhu auto taxi application?

Seva Sindhu is a Government of Karnataka initiative to provide financial aid to auto, taxi, construction, and other workers in times of lockdowns due to the Covid-19 outbreak in the state. Like last year, this year too, the Karnataka Government will help the unskilled workers of the state by granting lockdown relief.

The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Karnataka, B.S. Yediyurappa announced on May 19, 2021 of providing Rs. 1,250 crore relief package for the state and declared in an official statement that the government will disburse Rs. 3,000 to each auto and taxi drivers along with the construction workers during the times of lockdowns to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus infections. Additionally, the government would also provide financial assistance of Rs. 2,000 to workers of the unorganized sector like tailors, barbers, potters, ragpickers, etc. Apart from this, the Government of Karnataka will also provide Rs 10,000 per hectare to floriculture farmers under the Seva Sindhu relief scheme.

Seva Sindhu driver application form

The scope of the Seva Sindhu website is beyond the above-mentioned aspect though. It is the Karnataka Government’s initiative to expand the outreach of the government services to the citizen’s doorsteps integrating various service and delivery channels on one platform. Currently, the government is organizing and managing the relief package for the workers of Karnataka through the Seva Sindhu portal app.

How to get Seva Sindhu portal auto driver application form?

To claim the benefit of the Seva Sindhu portal driver relief fund, the beneficiaries must do the Karnataka driver yojana online application registration. They can file the Seva Sindhu driver 3000 application form online to get the money directly in their accounts.

How to register Seva Sindhu driver 3000 application form online?

  • The beneficiaries can visit the Seva Sindhu official website and then click upon the Disbursement of Cash Relief to Auto-Rickshaw Drivers and Taxi drivers for Covid-19 option.
  • The applicants can fill out the Driver Registration Form by entering the following details:
  • Name,
  • Aadhaar Card Number
  • Contact Number
  • Address
  • Driving License Details
  • Vehicle Details
  • Finally, they click the Submit button.

How to apply Seva Sindhu driver 5000 online application?

The Karnataka 5000 Rupees Lockdown Relief meant for MSME, farmers, drivers (auto & cabs), washermen, barbers, weavers, etc can be applied to as per the above-mentioned steps.

Seva Sindhu application status

The applicants can check the Karnataka driver scheme application status on the Seva Sindhu official website. At the homepage of the site, they can click on the option of the Track Application Status. Further, they must enter the Application Reference Number and then click the Submit button.


Following are the benefits of the Karnataka driver scheme:

  • All registered and licensed drivers will be given monetary aid during the lockdowns imposed by the State Government of Karnataka.
  • The BS Yediyurappa government has allocated a budget of 63 crore for drivers. Auto, taxi, and maxi cab drivers will earn Rs. 3000 from the government. A total of 2.10 lakh drivers will benefit from this scheme.
  • The State Government of Karnataka will pay Rs. 10,000 per hectare to the flower, fruits, and vegetable growers and for this, they have allocated a budget of Rs. 12.773 crore and Rs. 69 crore for flowers and fruit growers and vegetable growers respectively. It is estimated that around 20000 flower growers and 6900 fruit & vegetable growers will benefit from this scheme.
  • Besides this, the BS Yediyurappa government has allocated a budget of Rs. 494 crore for construction workers who will be given Rs. 3000 financial assistance.
  • Other than this, 2.2 lakh street vendors and 3.04 lakh other unorganized sector workers will be provided lockdown relief of Rs. 2000 each. 16095 artists will also receive a sum of Rs. 3000.

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