How to cancel planet fitness membership (Complete Guide)?

Planet Fitness offers several types of gym memberships to its customers. These are Prepaid, Classic, and the PF Black Card. All the memberships have different services and charges. For the classic membership, a person has to an amount of $15, and for the PF black card, an amount of $24.99 is to be paid. The charges vary with the region. A person also has to pay an annual fee and a startup fee along with the monthly due. The membership is given with the contract. In case a person wants to take a pause or cancel a membership then both options are obtainable for them. 

How to cancel a planet fitness membership?

A few ways that a person can opt for membership cancellation are listed below:

  • A person can go personally to the gym and fill out the application form with all the mandatory details and send that to their mailing address.
  • An individual can also use DoNotPay to call off the planet fitness membership.

What is needed to cancel a planet fitness membership?

A person does not need to do much paperwork to cancel a planet fitness membership. There is a need for an application form that must have all the details that are essential filled out. Along with this, a written statement that includes the information about the cancellation. With all these details, a person can cancel the planet fitness membership. 

By Phone

An individual can call the service center of planet fitness at (844) 880-7180 for innumerable issues. However, if you are among one who wishes to cancel the membership with just a phone call then it is not possible. Unfortunately, planet fitness does not proffer the service to cancel the membership with a phone call. To do that, an individual has to visit the planet fitness themself in person. 

In Person

This is one of the options that planet fitness provides to their customer for the cancellation of the membership. A person can cancel the membership at the gym. For that there are some uncomplicated steps that need to be followed:

  • Visit the center that usually you go to for gyming.
  • Look after the cancellation form that is available
  • Fill out by adding all the vital information and then mail the same to the address provided.

This is a simple method but for that, the member has to add some necessary and obligatory details. These include names, dates of birth, address, contact information, email, the last four digit of the credit card that is linked to the account, and also the membership ID. Moreover, a statement that specifies that this member wants to cancel their membership. 

After adding all the details, the application form needs to be sent to the official mail address of the gym. The authorities generally look after the application, and after review, the membership is canceled in a week. But in case the membership is not canceled then a person can approach the gym customer service center for the details and request them to cancel the same. In addition to this, the applicant can also visit the gym for more information. 

By Email

Like most gym that handles all the work online, planet fitness does not deal. To call off the planet fitness membership, a person cannot just simply send a mail. For that, a person has to send the application by post or visit the gym personally. The fitness center does not offer email cancellation of membership by email. 

By using DoNotPay

The cancelation of a gym membership is quite tiresome if that needs to do by going in person or via sending a post to the authorities. There might be some information missing or any other issue that might delay the membership cancellation. Although, the exciting part is that there is one way to avoid all that. A person can cancel the planet fitness membership with DoNotPay.

  • Visit the web browser, and look for planet fitness.
  • Further, locate and click on Find Hidden Money.
  • Next, write Planet Fitness and choose the service that needs to be canceled.

A confirmation email will be received after the cancellation of the service.

How to Pause Your Planet Fitness Membership?

There are some times when a person does not want to cancel the membership permanently but wants to take a halt to that. This might be to save some money or a person needs a small break. Not all fitness centers provide this service. Some of them give this privilege but just for three months in case of any medical issue. 

Planet fitness gives this feature in their membership plan. In this way, the membership is not canceled but the account is put on hold. For this, an individual can call the service center and demand this service.


All in all, a person can cancel the membership in two ways. The first one is by visiting the gym personally and the other one is with the help of DoNotPay. Both the procedure are the same but might take a time of one week for cancelation. But, a person should wait till the end of the contract to cancel the membership of planet fitness. Otherwise, a hefty cost is to be paid for the cancellation.


Does it cost money to cancel your planet fitness membership?

In case the person wants to cancel the membership of planet fitness and the contract for the same has not ended yet. Then, the individual has to pay an amount of $58 as a fee or additional cost for the cancellation of membership.

Can You cancel my planet fitness membership on the app?

Planet fitness does not proffer the service for the cancelation of their gym on the app. A person has to go gym personally or can use DoNotPay.

Why can't I cancel my planet fitness membership online?

Planet fitness does not provide a service to cancel the membership of their gym online. However, there are some other ways that a person can choose to cancel it.

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