How To Use And Setup Discord Voice Chat On Xbox Console?

The prevalent Discord app, which has tens of millions of users worldwide ensures free and high-quality video and audio chat. It is a social and virtual community platform. Recently, Discord partnered with Xbox. Now, gamers on the Xbox gaming console can voice chat cross-platforms with their friends during gaming. Be it Minecraft or Fortnite, Discord voice chat is compatible with all games. It can easily connect via Xbox mobile app to the PC. 

What is Discord on Xbox?

discord on xbox

Microsoft Xbox’s recent update is a game changer and has left gamers thrilled as they can now communicate better through voice chats and calls. You need to connect Xbox and Discord accounts. The universal chat box feature seems reliable and makes communications more enriched. Initially, the Discord voice chat on Xbox was available for Alpha Skip-Ahead Xbox testers only. 

To be able to access the Discord voice chat on Xbox for alpha users, you need to be an existing Xbox insider. Now, beta rings can use without the need for an invite. The process of connecting Discord voice calls and then transferring them to Xbox is easy. Joining the voice chats and chatting with several friends enhances the gaming experience. 

Can you use Discord voice chat on Xbox?

Yes, gamers can voice chat with their friends with Discord in its standard voice channels. To enable this feature, you must link Xbox and Discord accounts. Furthermore, using the Xbox mobile app, transfer the call to the Xbox console and connect with a Discord voice call. It is neatly highlighted on the Xbox dashboard for users to connect conveniently. 

However, Alpha Skip-Ahead Xbox testers require an invitation to use this feature. 

They can try this feature by following steps:

  • Open the settings of your system. 
  • Click on the System and then on Updates. 
  • Check if the console’s update process is remaining. Install the update feature immediately. 
  • If no update is available, go to the ‘Store’ on your PC. Search for Xbox Insider Hub and install the program on your PC. 
  • Open the app, once the installation process finishes. 
  • Inside the app, click on Previews. The list of the latest updates will appear on the screen. 
  • Click on ‘Xbox Update Preview’ and then ‘Join.’ There is an invite feature for Alpha Skip-Ahead Xbox testers, click on it. 
  • Save and continue the program. It takes 2 hours to finish. 
  • Finally, go to Settings and check on Console’s Info. The latest update with a size of 1.0GB appears on the screen. Click on that update. 

The process helps Alpha Skip-Ahead Xbox testers to use Discord voice chat on Xbox. 

How to link the Discord app on Xbox Console?

Linking the Discord voice chat on Xbox is convenient. However, your Discord and Xbox accounts must be linked to each other. Let’s look at the step-by-step process to set up Discord on Xbox:

  • Click on the ‘Try Discord Voice on Xbox.’ Scan the QR code with the smartphone. 
  • If you haven’t installed the app, the code will take you to the downloading process of the Discord beta tester app first. Download the program, and now you have become a tester. 
  • Update the app and open it. Click on the bottom right Profile icon and scan the QR code that appeared on PC with mobile. Once you scan it, a message stating, ‘Discord is now on Xbox’ will pop up. 
  • You are good to go. Sign in to the Xbox account that you are currently using. Hit the Discord button on the top right of the app from your smartphone and authorize to continue. Simply click on done, and now, you have completed the set-up process.  

How to join Discord voice chat on Xbox?

Once you complete the linking process, you are eligible to join Discord voice chat on Xbox. After the setup, you have to go to the voice channels as there are amply available on the server. 

  • Click on your preferred voice channel and then on ‘Join Voice.’ A message will pop up that says, ‘Try voice chat on the console.’ 
  • There are several exciting options available once you swipe up. Click on the ‘Transfer to Xbox’ option. The Xbox app will open up that allows you to choose your console. Click on ‘Transfer Audio.’ 
  • The Discord voice chat is now linked to Xbox, and you can enable or disable voice features on a PC. 

Voila! Now, you have joined Discord voice chat on Xbox. Also, you only need your smartphone for the initial setup process. 

How to use Discord Voice Chat on Xbox?

discord voice chat on xbox

The announcement of discord voice integration allows users to remain in the discord call on the Xbox console. It is now available for Alpha and Beta users. Here is how to use Discord voice chat on Xbox:

  • Make sure that Xbox and Discord apps are installed on PC and mobile.
  • Once you join the channel, click on ‘Join on Xbox,’ and transfer the voice chat to Xbox.
  • You are now connected with audio and can chat with friends.  
  • There are numerous voice chat features such as mute my mic, deafen, and switch to game chat. You can even overlay the audio on Xbox. 
  • You can adjust the audio and music settings as per your preferences. Tune up the headset volume, mic monitoring, and headset chat mixer. 

Once you join the Discord voice chat, you no longer need the mobile. It independently works on the Xbox app. 

Presently, the Discord voice chat on Xbox is available for beta testers. In some time, it will be accessible to Delta and Omega ring testers. 

The gameplay experience improves when you play with pals and voice chat simultaneously. Discord is providing that option to people worldwide. Follow all the steps mentioned in the article and play games with friends, all thanks to Discord voice chat on Xbox. 


Can you use discord on Xbox to talk?

Yes, you can use discord on Xbox to connect with your friends to talk. Xbox has rolled out the feature of using discord where you can connect with your friends simply by linking your Xbox account to your Discord account.

Can you join a private voice chat in discord?

Yes, you can join a private chat on Discord only if you have the invite link to that chat. Once you click to join, you will enter into the chatroom and can access the conversation. It is an easy and secure process, so you do not have to worry at all.

Can you join two voice channels on discord?

Joining two voice channels from the same discord account is not possible. If you try to join a voice channel even when you are joined on another device, you will automatically be exited from the old device and will be joined by the new one. 

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