How to Register ICA UAE Smart App (Complete Guide)?

With this app, you can derive the benefit of the services of the Federal Authority for identification and citizenship. Visas, fine payments, family book printings, and passport renewals are some of the services you can avail of through the use of the app.

ICA UAE Smart App | How to Register & use ICA smart services

How to Register with ICA UAE Smart App?

 To register with the app, browse through a few steps.

–      Enter your email ID and verify you’re not a robot by solving the Captcha request.

–      Verify the email notification and enter your Emeritus ID.

– Next, enter the way you wish to verify your Emeritus ID, so choose to verify using your phone number.

– Enter the one-time password you receive on your mobile phone and then click on Next.

– Once you have completed the steps, your registration process will be complete.

– Next move to the home page, and click on the public services option. From there find out other services, then move to the personal information section and then click to update the personal information. Now click on the Update option.

– Next, fill in your passport details which will be used for residents living outside the UAE. Only when your application gets approved, you can go ahead and book your tickets.

App Features

There are several wonderful app features to look forward to;

– Apply for Visa extensions using the app.

– Users can pay fines and renew their passports, and do much more with the app.

– The app is user-friendly and a little bit of time is all you need to browse through the app.

How to USE the ICA Smart Services app?

Apart from the various services mentioned ICA smart services app can be used even for renewing the golden services offered for finalizing the golden residency.

You can apply for three types of services through the app- Individual services, establishment services, and typing center services.

Under individual services, you can try the following stuff.

– Individuals can try to apply for the UAE residence, 

– GCC residence, 

– GCC citizens, and 

– Apply as visitors.

 Under establishment services, one must have an effective commercial license.

For typing center services, one must provide a few important documents like establishment card provision, payment of 6000 AED, provision of equipment and training the staffs, typing center services establishment activity, and much more.

How to download the ICA Smart services app on Android & iPhone?

Downloading the app is easy as the app is present in Google Play Store and Apple app store.

Simply search for the app in your Google Play Store and also in the Apple App Store and then click on the Install button and the Get button to install the app on your device.

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