How long does it take to verify cash app bitcoin?

Bitcoins is one type of cryptocurrency found by an unknown person named Satoshi Nakamoto. Cash app allows the safe transaction of bitcoins. Several verification processes are being discussed below for better understanding of users.

How to verify Cash app bitcoin wallet

how long does cash app take to verify bitcoin

To use the Cash app to verify the bitcoin wallet, follow the below-given instructions.

  • Enter into your Cash app account by clicking on your bank icon at the lower left-hand corner.
  • It directs the Cash app user to a screen that exhibits several options to choose from. The screen also reflects your Cash app account balance & information.
  • From the available options, click on the Bitcoin option.
  • This opens up a screen where the user has to enable withdraw and receive option.
  • Once send and receive option is enabled. a pop up with a blue tick would come up next asking to provide more information to enable withdraw and deposits.
  • So, users need to state their purpose for using bitcoins by choosing one of the five options.
  • Next users would be prompted to mention their work or job.
  • Identity documents need to be submitted next- either the user’s driver license or State ID to continue.
  • A well-lit, clear photo of your identity proof needs to be submitted.
  • The next prompt would ask users to submit their photograph.
  • After uploading the required information, users would be redirected back to the “withdraw and send option” screen.
  • The section where once it read- enable send and receive would now read, verification in progress. 

How to verify the deposition of bitcoin on the Cash app?

Using the below steps, one can verify bitcoins on the Cash app for deposition.

  • Click on the Banking option from your Cash app home screen
  • Choose bitcoins
  • Deposit bitcoins by pressing on the “Deposit bitcoins” tab.
  • Copy, share or scan Cash app bitcoin address with any of the outer wallets.
  • Use your Touch ID or PIN to confirm the same.

How to verify Cash app to buy bitcoin?

To purchase, verify bitcoins on the Cash app using the below-given procedure.

  • Click on the investing tab from the Cash app home screen
  • Now, Click on Bitcoin
  • Click to buy the bitcoins
  • Choose from any given amounts or enter an amount of your choice.
  • Confirm by entering your PIN and then pressing the Confirm button.

How long does the Cash app take to verify bitcoin?

It takes almost 24 hours to verify bitcoins with the Cash app

Users have to add a payment method. They are further requested to provide their complete date of birth, entire name, and the four end digits of the social security number. Using the Cash app to verify bitcoin after adding all the information, takes 24 hours before making a bitcoin purchase.


How long does it take to verify cash app bitcoin?

Usually, verifying bitcoin on the Cash app does not take more than 24-48 hours. 

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