How to Use Fake Credit Card for Discord Nitro (2023)?

In recent times, there is so much crowd over fake credit card usage on discord. Users are generating fake visual credit cards and using them to subscribe to Discord Nitro. People who have no access to any payment methods have found a super-working formula to buy Discord Nitro for free by using fake credentials of a credit card and subscribing to Discord Nitro. The consequences of using a fake credit card can be many and thus people are not fully aware of it. This article will help you to bring out some asked queries related to using fake credit cards on discord and other important information, that you should focus on. 

Will discord ban me from using a fake credit card?

discord ban

There have been no such cases of users getting banned from using fake credit cards. There are users who have tried using fake credit cards to subscribe to nitro and other packs but have got Invalid or Can’t Subscribe to this Pack as a return message. If discord were to ban users who have been committing wrongdoings by using fake VCC, then the majority of the discord community would have been found to have suspended accounts. 

Users are basically exploiting the bug they haven’t rectified yet, that to improve the testing functionality during the payment-subscription process. However, it is always recommended to never fall into such a messy problem and surround yourself with lots of question marks and troubles. Better to go with the ethical way and subscribe to Discord Nitro. 

Can you go to jail for using a fake credit card?

Discord users are hungry for Discord Nitro as they are finding it so fascinating. To get this, they are even taking the help of fake VCC (Visual Credit Cards) to get their subscriptions. If done with an open mind and sharply, you can get the subscription without getting banned or suspended, but you lack in some fields like, wrongly entering the region/location that does not match your account’s location can cause some errors. In brief, you need to research well before trying to use a fake credit card on discord. You should be well aware of the consequences and problems that may arise if anything goes wrong. 

But why discord users are so mad after Discord Nitro? Let’s see what Discord Nitro has to offer!

  1. Discord Nitro Classic
  • Charges over 4.99USD/month or 49.99 USD annually
  • You can upload larger files than before. With nitro, you have the option for 50MB compared to earlier when you just had 2MB
  • You can have an animated avatar
  • You have got options to watch some smooth display pictures (720 60fps and 1080 30fps)
  • Emojis can be animated too
  1. Discord Nitro
  • Access more thrilling games 
  • You can boost your servers at different frames. You can find about this more from the Discord Support
  • And everything that Discord Nitro Classic supports, is supported by Discord Nitro too. 

How to use a fake credit card for Discord Nitro?

The majority of the traffic on the discord platform are teenagers and thus not everyone has access to PayPal or credit cards as their payment modes. There are teens, who ask their parents to pay for their Discord Nitro but a large percentage of people can not. This is where they opt to use a fake credit card. You can try buying Discord Nitro from a fake credit card, and here is how:

  • In order to get the Discord Nitro, go to the Epic Game Launcher
  • Go to Store
  • Click on the Discord Nitro promotion
  • Click on Get to process ahead
  • Check your mail for an URL with which you can redeem your Discord Nitro
  • Click on the URL
  • Click on Redeem Now
  • After this, your Discord Homepage will appear
  • If you are not logged in, log in with your credentials and tap on Next
  • Click on Add a new Payment Method to select an option to pay for the subscription
  • Select from the available options below
  • Choose Credit Card
  • From a random Visual Credit Card generator, generate a fake VCC
  • Fill in the fake information you got after the generation of the VCC
  • Fill in the other details asked randomly
  • Click on Get Nitro Monthly
  • Your Nitro Subscription will get activated

You have to remember that in case of fake credit card details you have filled in, the chances of your account getting suspended also increases. In order to prevent your account from getting suspended, end your subscription 1-2 days before its actual expiry. If not done, discord can read that you have entered fake credit card credentials at the time of renewal and can come forward to ban you from discord or temporarily suspend your account. 

How to remove credit card info from discord?

credit card in discord

If you wish to remove your linked credit card info, you can do so by adding a new payment method and removing the previous one. To do so:

  • Go to User Settings
  • Click on the Subscription
  • Add a new payment method by entering all the required details
  • Set the newly added payment method as your default payment method


Is it illegal to use a fake credit card for discord?

It is not legal to use a fake credit card for discord. And not using a fake credit card does not apply to discord only but to all platform that supports payments. You can sometimes run away from getting caught on discord whereas you can also get suspended if numerous malicious activities are noticed on your account.

Will discord take legal action against me for using fake credit cards?

If discord finds out that you are using fake means of payment method to subscribe to its Nitro pack, you can get suspended from the discord itself. Thereafter, it is up to the Discord privacy rules, what action to be taken against you, and when. 

What will happen if I use a Fake Credit card?

You can use a fake credit card and buy a Discord Nitro pack. The steps to do so are explained above, so you can refer to that. However, it is not advisable to perform such illegal activities, which can lead you to deep trouble like getting caught for fraud or scam. 


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