How to use Orange App [2023]?

What is hau orange app?

The Holy Angel University Orange app is based in the Philippines and offers education at all levels. It starts from the basic level and also proceeds to Graduate School. It offers scholarships and grants for deserving candidates. The HAU Council aims at making good education accessible to all. The app is designed to benefit students during these pandemic and post-pandemic sessions.

How to orange app download?

Orange App Download

The Orange app can be downloaded from the Google Playstore and the Apple appstore easily.

How to use app?

To use the Orange app, you need to create an Orange account.

  • Type in your email address, phone number, and password (create new password).
  • On the next page enter a few personal details.
  • There‚Äôs a whole lot you can do with the Orange app. Jobs, credit & money, and more come with it. You simply need to know your requirement when using it.
  • If you want to use it for your education, simply create an account for it.
  • Now, search, fill forms, and submit applications for the Holy Angel University through it.
  • Choose your subject, choose your class and then apply for it.
  • Receive your confirmation, class details in the app.
  • You can even attend classes during the pandemic using this app. It is primarily designed for schools to get managed under one app.


The app provides different features which include;

  • School profile management and accounts management for the school admin, teachers, students, and the parents.
  • Student and employer ID management.
  • Access trial and school year management.
  • Curriculum and building room management.
  • Students requirement management and much more comes packed in the app.


Many reviews point out how indispensable the app is becoming for others. Ratings are increasing as people are finding it one-of-an-app kind wherein they can just download it and manage almost everything around their life easily. The app is rated by different appstores somewhere 3.9 to 4.6 as per user experience.

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