How to Verify Bitcoin on Cash App with id [Complete Guide 2023]?

When the era is all about cryptocurrency, a lot of customers are demanding the is and features of using crypto coins on several apps. This is why the most popular payment app, the cash app, had to launch bitcoin withdrawals and trading on its platform. It is great for those who are majorly involved in financial work like transferring money and have also begun putting their hands in cryptocurrency. However, it may not be so helpful for those who are totally into crypto coins because it has bitcoins and not any other cryptocurrency like Ethereum. Everything from installing the app and creating a new account to using it for transferring money is very easy but when it comes to bitcoin withdrawals, you can be stuck in the middle. Since we have been receiving a lot of questions about the bitcoin verification cash app, we thought to complete everything about it in this blog. Don’t forget to read it till the end to get your doubts clear and also don’t forget to check Spectrum Internet plans

How to verify bitcoin on Cash App with id?

Verify Bitcoin on Cash App with id

Before using the Bitcoin option in the cash app you need to verify the cash app account for bitcoin. Without being verified, you cannot buy, sell or exchange unlimited bitcoins. They will put a lot of restrictions on the bitcoin limit you want to work on. Before knowing the exact steps, you should know the documents required during verification. For getting your cash app bitcoin verified you need to have your SSN or TIN number, proof of identities like passport, your photo, and a little more information like your date of birth, address, etc. 

Here are the following steps by which you can get bitcoin verified on the cash app.

  • Go to the homepage of the app on your device.
  • Find Transfer And Deposits.
  • Then you will view the bitcoin option. Click on it.
  • Select enable withdrawals and deposits.
  • The next page shows some questions where you will have to give valid reasons for purchasing bitcoin, the type of your income and employment, and then enter your email address. 
  • Now take a complete photo of your face in a good lighting condition.

Finally, you can confirm the last step and wait for another 48 hours for the verification process to be completed. You can see the process in progress which vanishes once your bitcoin verification cash app is done. 

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How to verify bitcoin withdrawal on Cash App?

Once you have verified your account, you can easily verify bitcoin withdrawal on the same app and start using the cryptocurrency. 

  • Go to the app and click on USD to turn it into BTC. This means you have changed it from real currency to bitcoin mode.
  • Find and tap Bitcoin.
  • Next, enter the exact amount you want to take out.
  • In the next step, you need to enter the wallet address or scan its code. This wallet address will be off the external wallet where you want to withdraw bitcoin money.
  • Press on confirm and then next.
  • Here, you need to give a withdrawal speed to decide the rate with which you want to complete the withdrawal process.
  • Finally, click on confirm and send.

This will initiate your withdrawal process to the external wallet. You should note that users have to give their additional personal information if it’s their first withdrawal. Moreover, the minimum bitcoin amount that passes for standard withdrawal speed is 0.001 bitcoin. 

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How to verify Cash App to buy bitcoin?

If your account is verified then you can start buying bitcoins. Make sure you have a certain balance in your account. You will also have to enter correct geographical information. 

  • On your app home screen, find the Bitcoin tab and click on it.
  • Then click on buy BTC.
  • Now you have to enter the amount you wish to buy. 
  • Confirm it using your PIN.
  • Finally, press confirm.

If everything is according to the condition, then you will see your wallet has increased bitcoins than before.

How to verify bitcoin purchase on Cash App?

Whether you want to buy Bitcoins or sell them, you need to verify your account for both cases. If your account is not verified the app will not allow you to trade bitcoins of any amount. Those who are really serious about exchanging Bitcoins on this app should verify their account as soon as possible. You can also verify a bitcoin purchase on the cash app using the steps mentioned above.

Do you have to verify bitcoin on Cash App?

Yes, you should verify the cash app account for bitcoin to start investing, selling, and buying these coins. The transactions you make are linked with your bank account and phone number so you can’t go anonymous while exchanging bitcoin. Keep in mind that all your details are tracked by the IRS. Here’s a catch! You can buy or sell bitcoins on the cash app without being verified but it will be useful for a very brief time. This is because the app has very high algorithms which can easily detect your location and your activities. To do so you can change your IP address temporarily and then try exchanging digital currency.

How long will it take to verify bitcoin on the cash app?

Generally, the cash app verification for bitcoin takes 24-48 hours. But if the process takes more than one day then you should recheck whether you have entered the correct details or not. The common errors include misplacement of digits in the SSN number, entering the wrong date of birth, and more. If you are sure that you have entered the correct details then try doing it one more time. This time make sure to keep the app updated, your phone and internet are in good condition. Lastly, if the problem still persists then it’s time to move ahead with the cash app support team. Send them an email explaining your issues and wait patiently for their response.

Why is my cash app Bitcoin Verification taking too long?

In some cases, the verification process takes more than the average time. If this happens to you make sure to check your details again. You can start the verification process once again by entering the correct details. At times, it happens that you have shifted to a new address or changed your phone number but have entered the old one by mistake. Apart from this, the other reason can be your photo. There are certain conditions to uploading the photo like the format, size, and lighting conditions. Ensure to follow this with your selfie. Besides, you can also pay some fees to speed up the process. The last option is to contact the cash app support team. They will surely come back with a solution and assist you. 

To Sum Up

This is all about cash app verification for bitcoin. Hopefully, this blog is enough to guide you to verify your account quickly and initiate bitcoin withdrawals. If we have left some important questions or topics, we are just a comment back. 

Stay tuned for more interesting topics!

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