What is Cash App Text Scam $750 & How to Avoid $750 Scam [2023]?

What is Cash app text scam $750?

Cash app is the first app of its kind. The P2P payment module helps in transferring and receiving not just money but also stocks and cryptocurrencies. Even though the site is capable of protecting your money and your bitcoins, numerous scammers are always creating new scams and making life difficult for Cash app account holders.

Among the numerous scams that have been labeled so far, there is one scam that caught wildfire in recent years. It is the $750 Cash app text scam. The numbers are used for sending a scam message to collect the Cash app $Cashtag and other login details to login to the Cash app.

Cash App Text Scam 750

However, the scam came up as $750 is given out by Cash app as a giant reward zone program from Cash app. However, you do not get the money for free and will have to work for it. Only after you complete a few deals will you be able to get that amount of money for yourself.

There is a real program as well as a false one for the Cash app $750 sweepstake and you need to be careful about the false one.

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How does it work?

You will be getting a message from an unknown number stating that $750 is due on your Cash app account.

  • Many do not recognize the number but since there is a link below the message, people out of habit just happen to click upon it.
  • Most old accounts will consider it as some pending money or some giveaway bonanza blaster and will click the link.
  • Once you click the link, you will be asked to enter your $Cashtag and also your password, including other details.
  • As soon as you do it, you will be taken to a page from where you cannot retrieve the money.

Most people who are not registered need to register themselves and when they do register and share the details with the text message number, it comes out as a hoax.

If it is a new account, there may not be much to lose but if it is an old account, there might be a lot of cash in the Cash app balance. Once the scammers know your Cash app details you will no longer have the money in your account.

How to avoid text scam $750?

avoid Cash App 750 Text Scam

To avoid getting into a text scam, you can follow a few very general yet, effective rules.

  1. Send your smishing texts to 7726.
  2. Block the number on your phone from which you received the text message.
  3. Do not click on the link ever; you can not only end up losing your money from your Cash app balance if you comply to go with the scammers. Your phone can also get hacked easily.

What to do after getting scammed?

If you have fallen into a Cash app scam, do not panic. If you are reading this post, you can follow these tips to secure yourself.

  1. Change your Cash app PIN as the first thing.
  2. Immediately call your bank and ask them to not permit any kind of transaction from your account.
  3. Use two-factor authentication for your bank account and even the Cash app account.
  4. Call the Cash app and tell them to block your account to prevent any false transaction. You can also use the messaging service from the Cash app to intimate them of the emergency.
  5. Try to tell Cash app agents to remove the money to any of the bank accounts or debit cards that are not linked to the Cash app. You can use your friend’s accounts in times of emergency.
  6. Block the number and clean your phone, if you can. You can also give it to someone reliable for cleaning your phone of any malware or spyware.
  7. But the first step will be to secure your money.

How to complain about text scam?

avoid Cash App Scam

If you are on the Cash app, you need to go to the following website;

  • Click on the Profile icon from the upper right corner.
  • Press on the Support tab and choose the Report a Payment Issue tab.
  • Choose the payment and follow the given prompts to complete filing the complaint.

If you are calling their number, you follow the voice prompts to complete the call informing them of the scam.


If you follow the above given safety processes, you will not be scammed at all. Those who have already got scammed, read this blog to know more about how you can save yourself in the future.

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