How to TestingForAll App Activate & Register?

If And Buts Of The Whole Process To Use TestingForAll App

Medical testing is now a crucial factor. Here is an app that simplifies all such processes with just some clicks. We call it the Testing For All app. Download it today to make the verification processes smoother. It is a must in the present COVID-19 scenario.

What is testing for all apps?

  • Testing For All is the name of a magical product that helps you to conduct various medical tests in the UK.
  • Medical tests can become really hectic all of a sudden
  • Moreover, when there is urgency, time is a significant constraint
  • To simplify the scenario, Testing For All comes into the picture
  • A recent addition to the app is the COVID-testing kit.
  • Activate your kit and do not worry about the privacy of your records
testingforall app

How to testingforall app activate?

  • Open the Official website.
  • The home page contains two tabs;- Activate Kit and My Tests
  • If you are a first-timer, click on the Activate Kit button
  • Now, the page for Create Your Account opens
  • As you create the account, the app will get activated
  • If you are already registered, select that option and give your credentials
  • Your account will get activated as soon as you verify your account details
  • You can follow this process both on the website or download the app from the PlayStore
  • TestingforAll App is compatible with both Android and iOS mobiles

How to Register on Testingforall app?

  • You cannot activate the TestingforAll app without a valid registration
  • As you open the website or the app, the home page will show you Activate Kit option
  • Go for it and start creating the account
  • Enter your email id in the space provided
  • Now click on Next to proceed further
  • A Thank You message will appear stating that an email will be sent
  • Follow the instructions appearing in the said email to complete the registration process

The Testingforall app not working Solutions

  • If you are facing troubles operating the TestingforAll app, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the customer support team
  • Make sure that you convey the correct message to them for quicker solutions
  • You can click on the option Submit a Request
  • There are suitable tabs for some specific problems
  • If any of these options match, please click or tap on it
  • Calling on the customer care number can also help you in this respect contact number

  • The contact number for testingforall app is +44 2033011100

Is testing for all government-approved?

  • Yes, the TestingforAll app is an approved application by the UK Government.

Is it free?

  • No cost is there for registering on the TestingforAll app
  • However, for the respective test of COVID-19, the organization will charge a reasonable price.

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