How to Sandes App apk download? Sandesh messaging app Vs Whatsapp

What is Sandes app?

The Sandes app can be called as the Indian version of WhatsApp. It has been designed and developed by the National Informatics Center of India. The app can be used as an instant messaging service, besides being used for calling service, sending voice messages, and documents.

Its functionality is similar to WhatsApp and the app is quite user-friendly. The app has been specifically designed for government employees so that they can securely communicate about internal matters without being subjected to data theft risks.

Currently, the app is not available for public use. Signing up on the Sandes app is easy and can be done with a mobile number and email id.

Sandes App Install & reviews

How to USE Sandes app?

First, you have to register on the app after downloading it to create an account on the Sandes app for yourself.

You can create an account with your mobile number as well as your email ID. The phone number will be automatically verified.

Once the verification is complete, you can then start using the app for chatting, calling, video conferencing, sending and receiving important documents, sharing photos and videos, etc. 

App features?

Following are the prominent features of the app:

  • Facility to register on the app with mobile number and email ID.
  • It offers one-to-one as well as group messaging facilities.
  • You can group people under casual or list groups.
  • It offers a good quality video conferencing facility.
  • The chatbot option is also enhanced in this app.
  • Remote backup and data recovery plus wipeout options can be availed with this app.

How to Sandes app apk download & install?

As the Sandesh app is unavailable for public use, therefore, downloading the app is not possible through the common app stores. It can be downloaded using the download link.

You will see that there are three types of options available in the aforementioned link which are; sign-in, sign-up, and the option to use the web version of the Sandes app.

You can proceed with the option to download the app but you have to provide your government employee ID which will be verified first and only then will the download begin.

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Sandesh App vs Whatsapp

Here is a comparison between the two:

  • Users can sign in to the Sandesh app with an email address.
  • On Sandesh app you can easily find out verified accounts which is missing in WhatsApp. WhatsApp only shows you your contact list WhatsApp numbers.
  • With the Sandesh app, you can share photos and documents up to size 500 MB whereas WhatsApp only supports sharing photos and videos up to 16 MB.
  • You can not use the Sandesh app with a different mobile number.


Who is the owner of Sandes App?

The Sandes app is owned by the National Informatics Center.

Who developed sandes app?

The Sandes app has been designed by the National Informatics Center of India.

Sandes app Belongs to which country?

The Sandes app’s origin country is India.

Is sandesh app safe?

Yes, the Sandes app is absolutely safe and reliable.

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