How to report someone on Cash app and get money back [2023]?

How to report someone on Cash app?

Reporting someone or raising a Cash app dispute to get the money back means going into the app and filing a request. You can do it even through their website or by calling them and even by mailing them.

Paying money instantly is easy with the Cash app and even spending money is. So is making direct deposits and investing in stocks, bitcoins, and other investment schemes, all with as little as $1. Sending money to people is convenient since all you need is their $Cashtag and you can spend money freely. Cash app helps you with a Cash card that too adds up to your comfort at many levels. When it comes to getting paychecks, you can get them 2 days prior with the Cash app, it is that fast. If each month you have $300 in your account, your ATM withdrawals will come free of cost.

report someone on Cash app

Cash app provides the most updated security features and protects the transactions made through the platform in every possible way. You will see it for yourself when you will need to confirm verification locks and also witness data encryption facilities on your account.

But sending and receiving money can often go wrong when someone types a wrong Cashtag. What do you do when such a scenario comes up?

Below we talk more about the ways you can lose money and also how much the Cash app can help you revive it.  

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How to get your money back on Cash app if you sent it to wrong person?

On the one hand, even though the Cash app is a tech-savvy site, on the other hand, money transaction is an easy process. Now, since money transaction is an easy process, if you ever find an unexpected transaction into your account or you have mistakenly sent it to the wrong person or Cashtag, you can always request the merchant to pay it back. Contact the merchant straight away but, if still, you were not able to retrieve it, you can raise a dispute for it.

The first factor to keep in mind while disputing a transaction is the transaction must be complete at the time of raising a dispute. If the transaction is still pending approval, you can always retrieve it back.

To get back your pending transactions, use the below instructions;

  1. From the Home Screen, move to the Activity tab.
  2. Choose the payment option and then press on the three dots.
  3. Choose the Refund option and then click on the OK tab.

Raising a dispute with the money is a small process and involves a few steps you will need to complete to raise it.

Here’s the process you must follow to raise a dispute.

  1. From your Cash app home screen, press the Activity tab.
  2. Go to the transactions you have made in the past 45 days and choose the one for which you want to raise a dispute.
  3. From the upper right-hand corner, choose the Need Help & Cash app support.
  4. Click on the Dispute this transaction and once it’s done, wait for their response

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How to get stolen money back on cash app?

If you think your money is stolen, you must contact the merchant immediately for confirmation. If it is a mistake, you can ask the merchant to cancel the transaction by declining the pending transaction. It can take up to 10 days for the Cash app to receive the refund and to send it back to your account. But if your money was intentionally stolen from you, there is a chance it will not be remitted back to you by the merchant.

In such a case, reach out to the customer support from your app or by calling them. If your money is stolen, customer support might try their best to retrieve the money back but there is no guarantee and in such a case, the company will not refund the money that you have lost as you are responsible for sending the money to the wrong place.


Will Cash App refund money if scammed?

No, the Cash app will not refund the money if you are scammed. Therefore, it is essential to only pay when you know the person to whom you are making the payment.

Will Cash App reimburse stolen money?

There is no scheme whereby the Cash app can reimburse your stolen money.

What happens if you are scammed on Cash App?

You must report it to the Cash app immediately and if the money is still stuck in the clearance zone, the Cash app can prevent the transfer. But if your transaction is already accepted on the other side, even though the Cash app tries it can do very little to minimize it. Hence, one needs to follow all the strict guidelines to confirm the payment reaches the right hands every time you make the payment.


Here’s a bit about what you can do with the Cash app and what you can’t. Follow all the guidelines provided by the Cash app to prevent getting scammed and cheated. Even though you are protected but there are always various ways in which people can scam you. Read about the scope of the Cash app in protecting your money from this article.

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