How to New Capitec App Download Free For Android & iOS [2023]

What is the Capitec app?

The Capitec app is an extremely secure and easy way of banking. It bears no data charges on you.

The banking costs are heavily reduced by the use of modern, rapidly innovative technology.

The bank app offers lower transaction fees thus enabling customers to earn more profits from their investments.

With the help of the app, you can manage 4 additional saving plans. Earn your highest interest by fixing up your saving plans.

For insurances, you can get a free estimate on the app and even your funeral plan is available with the app 24/7.

A free personalized credit estimate is possible with the use of the app and once you have managed, registered, and activated your app, you can keep the remote PIN a secret with you and keep the cell phone safe and in your possession all the time.

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How to download new Capitec app free?

How to New Capitec App Download Free
How to New Capitec App Download Free

Capitec app has its apps uploaded in the Google Play store and the Apple Appstore. Thus, downloading the app is simply safe, secure, and completely legitimate. For Capitec app download free apk either in Android or iOS you need to simply do this;

– For Android

Go to the Google Play store and find out the app. Once you’ve searched for the app, you can simply click on the Install button and download the app.

– For iOS

Browse through the Apple app store and then click on the Get button. You might be asked to put the passcode for your iOS device or your fingerprint. Once you have pressed the get tab, all you need to do is wait for the app to download.

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Several benefitting features of the app are being put below.

  • Simply take a few selfies and scan your ID.
  • Scan and pay through QR codes.
  • Stamped payments can be emailed electronically.
  • Contactless transactions were easy to manage and maintain.
  • Paying people and accounts is easy with the use of the app.
  • Pay DSTV, SARS e-filing, and TV licenses immediately.
  • Immediate payments can be made to other banks very easily with the use of the app.
  • Capitec clients can pay each other simply through verified accounts easily.
  • Buy electricity, data, SMS bundles, and airtime easily using the app.

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