How to Register & Transfer Money HSBC UK Banking App ?

HSBC UK mobile banking has created an app for their UK customers to make banking easily possible for UK denizens. More importantly, HSBC wanted to keep moving people from the time-consuming bank visits to the mobile and net banking facilities aligning them to using the app more and more.

Do anything with the app- bank, borrow, insure, pay your healthcare and hospital bills, and invest. The app is designed to keep the customer’s needs in mind and is built full proof to secure the platform for its users.

HSBC UK Mobile Banking. register login and transfer money

How to log in HSBC Mobile Banking App?

If you’re using the online internet portal for HSBC, you can use the same login credentials to log in to the app.

· If you haven’t yet registered, you can simply download the app, then accept the terms and conditions, and finally choose, “Register for mobile and online banking,” with the app to create a new user account.

· Registration form needs to be filled by adding all the essential details to the online form.

Benefits of HSBC Banking App?

There are several benefits of using the HSBC Mobile Banking app for new phones in the UK. These include,

– Easy movement of money is possible by using the app.

– Global transfer and global viewing of money is instant, fast, and safe.

– Instant mobile statements and check deposits can be generated using the app in no time.

– Blocking your card is just a tap away if you happen to lose it anytime.

– Balance statements after bill payments help you plan your finances better.

– Live chat facilities are available with the app.

– Gambling restrictions can be individually set with the bank and the card.

How to Transfer Money from HSBC Mobile Banking App?

Transferring money with the HSBC Mobile banking app new phone UK is just a few seconds away. 

– Login to the app and then choose to move money.

– Choose the account from which you wish to send the money.

– When choosing the “To account,” press the Payees tab and then choose the Pay someone new option.

– Choose the option of mobile number use and either search through your contacts or enter the number if it’s someone else’s account you’re paying for the first time.

The daily transfer limit using the mobile app is 250 pounds if you’re 18 years or older and is 100 pounds if you’re 16 or 17 years old.

How do I download the HSBC app on iPhone & Android?

Simply visit the Google Play Store or Apple app store to search for the app and then to get it installed on the device. 

Choose to tap the install button for Android devices and use the Get button for iOS devices.

Download the app and wait for the installation to complete.

HSBC customer service telephone number

For the UK customers, the 24-hour service telephone number is 03456 007 010.

For lost and stolen HSBC online cards, one must dial the 24-hour service number which is 0800 0151 924.

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