How to Get Cash App Tax Form & Tax Documents [2023]?

Every one of us wants to earn a lot but when it comes to paying taxes we want to save as much as we can. Some people research and try hard to save a few bucks while others love to spend more to hire a person who will balance all this taxing work for them. 

Whether you are based in America or out of America, everyone has to pay taxes but the rule may differ from one country to another. When it comes to mobile payment, the cash app has earned a big name. It is not limited to transferring payments but is also helpful in taking loans. Therefore, as expected, it will be subjected to existing tax norms. It’s clear that not every income is taxable income. But if you don’t hold good knowledge about the current tax laws and the platform you’re using, you may have to go through a big loss. 

Let us play this part for you. This blog is well-framed with every information you need to know as a taxpayer. 

How to get cash app tax form?

get a cash app tax form

If you check the information in and out and you meet the eligibility criteria of cash app tax, then you can issue your form from the app. 

You can get your form by the following steps. 

  • Open your Cash App account.
  • Now put your credentials to log in. 
  • Go to the dashboard on the web.
  • Click on download your form.

If you want to know more about tax information, you can visit the IRS website. 

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How to get tax documents from Cash App?

In case you want to have any cash app tax documents from the app, then you can download them in this way.

  • Find the cash app icon on your home screen and tap on it.
  • Head to Documents < Stocks < Tax Documents.
  • Now click on the document you want to have. 

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How does cash app tax work?

Cash app tax helps you to file taxes for federal and state returns without paying any penny. It may help you to attain more tax benefits than you might be getting from hiring a person who would do the tax preparation for you. Moreover, when you file your tax using this app, it allows you to free audit defense which results in peace of mind.

In the year 2021, the cash app tax law has been announced. Those who use cash app, Venmo, and other such payment apps should be alert now because IRS tax can be applied to you.

However, the new tax rule came into effect on January 1. It does not put you in any difficult circumstances if you have a personal account but if you are getting paid for your business transactions in big amounts then you may have to pay additional taxes. The business transaction means the payable amount you give in exchange for goods and services. It also includes tips. 

If you count personal transactions like you’re paying for dinner, shopping bills, or gifting someone, these transactions definitely do not come under taxable payment. 

Hence, it’s important to recognize the nature of your transferred amount. 

Moreover, if you own a business account on cash app, you receive a 1099-k form only if the transaction exceeds 20000 dollars. Additionally, it will also be checked that it has 200 payments per year. 

This may vary according to your place. For instance, if the information is linked with Massachusetts, Vermont, Washington DC, Virginia, and also Maryland then you have to show a 600 dollar amount to get a form.

For Illinois, this amount should be 1000 dollars exceeding at least 3 transactions.

For Missouri, you can expect to get a 1099-k form only if you have processed $1200 in one year.


The blog majorly speaks about business taxes carried through the cash app but if you are involved in Bitcoin then the form 1099-B will be applied. You can get the form and documents in the app only.

You can minimize the taxes on the cash app by directing your payments in the ‘Family And Friends’ section. 

It’s always better to file taxes as soon as possible so that you can get the refunds soon. 

Stay tuned and read our blogs to get hot-shot tech tips always first. 

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