How to Avoid Cash App Notification Scam Complete Guide [2023]?

What is Cash app notification scam?

Since the Cash app platform is open to even a 13-year old; there are a lot of ongoing scams too. Somewhere they target young teens and on the other hand, they also target old, not-so-well-informed people through such scams.

Notification scams are quite famous among people who have been scammed in the name of the Cash app. In this article, we will talk more about the Cash app notification scams that are prevalent around us.

Cash App Notification Scam

The Cash app notification scam can be divided into four types based on their targets or the scam type;

  1. Online sellers notification scam
  2. Cash app receipt scam
  3. Phishing emails in the name of the Cash app
  4. Fake payment notifications

 In the next segment, we will talk about the above-mentioned different types of scams.

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How does Cash app notification scam work?

The scam processes are being discussed below and by checking more about them, you can decide if you have ever received such a message. Identify for yourself.

1. Online sellers notification scam

This scam got highlighted when a seller received a message from a buyer that the payment will reflect in the seller’s Cash app account only when the product is delivered. The message ID had the Cash app’s name on it and the seller did not care to look further. Here the buyer impersonated the Cash app and the seller noticed that even after delivery of the order, there was no payment made to his account.

Fact to remember: The Cash app sends messages from email IDs that end with,, tags.

For brokerage accounts, you will receive an email from

In the seller’s case, the email ID was cashappteam.respond which is nothing but a fake email ID. Carefully read before confirming anything or clicking on any link.

2. Cash App Receipt Scam

There are two types of scams that come up with the Cash app in this kind of scam.

  • Scammers might claim to have sent money to your Cash app account wrongly and will urge you to return it. In this case, check if that is the case and immediately report to the Cash app if you are being pursued wrongly. You should report before you fall into a false dispute whereby the owner falsely claims to have sent you money from their account.
  • The next type is where you will receive a message that you have won some reward or money and if you want to claim it, you need to send them a small token amount. Once you have sent them the token money, you will never get anything more.

3. Phishing mails in the name of Cash app

Scammers pose as Cash app and will send you phishing mails with associated links. Sometimes, they will also send you surveys and will ask you to complete them for earning money through the Cash app.

In all of these cases, the only way to prevent getting tricked is by refusing to click on the associated link.

4. Fake payment notifications

Scammers will send you fake payment notifications and in these cases, they will ask you to press the embedded tabs to read more about the payment details.

Word of caution: If ever you receive such an embedded tab containing notifications, go back directly to your Cash app account and check if you have really received any payment and its details. Do not click on the link that is attached to the Cash app notification.

How to avoid notification scam?

If you want to avoid falling prey to the notification scams, you must;

  • Cross check the account information, even triple check the email address and the mobile number before doing anything with the message.
  • Message Cash app support team straightway if you have received any such message.

What to do after getting scammed?

  • Change your Cash app PIN
  • Immediately report the event to the Cash app support team. You can do it by either messaging the Cash app support team through the app or by calling them and following their prompts to register the complaint.
  • Complain to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) if your money was stolen from you.
  • Surely alter your Cash app password and choose a passphrase that is more than 12 characters long.

How to complain about notification scam?

You can go to your app and try to tap on the following tabs to complete the process.

  1. Visit the website and press on Contact Support.
  2. Choose the Report Payment Issue tab
  3. Follow the prompts to complete the Cash app complaint process.


Here’s a bit about the notification scams, read the article to gather more information about how these scams are carried out.

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