How to use Arrivecan app on Android iOS?

What is the Arrivecan app?

If you’re trying to enter Canada, ArriveCAN is a must. 

Beginning from the 5th of July there will be some relaxation as to who can enter Canada and who cannot. Even if you are completely vaccinated you will still need to meet specific requirements to be fully eligible to enter Canada.

All citizens entering Canada by road or air need to mandatorily furnish detailed information about their Covid history- whether they ever contracted the disease, or if they have already been vaccinated or if they have recovered after contracting the disease and the details about their recovery need to be submitted to the authorities through the Arrive CAN app.

How to use Arrivecan app on Android iOS, Canada App tracking Update

How to use Arrivecan app?

 ArriveCAN is also available online apart from being in the app form. So, you can either download the app or you could simply register with the online website and register yourself in it.

Even when entering Canada through the sea, you have an option to submit your ArriveCAN information.

Below are the kinds of information you need to submit through ArriveCAN.

  • Contact details of all those individuals with whom you would be in quarantine after entering Canada.
  • Your purpose for traveling to Canada. It could be anything as long as you are declaring your right intent for travel.
  • Your travel details must reach the officials 72 hours before your arrival through the app. It includes your arrival date, entry port details if you’re traveling by sea, flight number, airport and airline details if you’re entering the country by air.
  • Vaccine information and your vaccination proofs if any.
  • Prior visit details- countries you have visited or stayed 14 days before traveling to Canada.
  • You would also need to share your quarantine plan, if you have any, in case you’re not exempted.
  • Entire quarantine details like the residence where you wish to quarantine yourself, the number of people who would be accompanying you and also you would need to specially mention if there are any elderly people with you while you’re being quarantined as a family and some more such information.

How to report daily on the Arrivecan app?

The Arrivecan app tracking is designed to keep a count of the days while you are quarantined.

So the daily check-in days will be displayed as soon as you log in to your ArriveCAN site.

Just below the displayed date, you will be able to see an arrow that asks you to complete your daily check-in. You could either be a traveler with symptoms or without symptoms. Click accordingly by reading the icon headings carefully.

Daily you will have to click on the terms and conditions.

Next, the most common symptoms would be displayed for you like fever and cough.

Once you click on the No slider, you will be carried forward to the next page where you can exit it.

How to update the Arrivecan app?

Login and update your information from the profile page. Go through the sections and make sure you have updated the right information in the right section.

 Arrivecan app review

The reviews cannot be better, since people are satisfied using the app. People are also leaving behind fair and good reviews when using the app. 

Overall, the app is quite stealthy and a sharp, easy-to-use platform for users to browse.

Arrivecan app Download

The app can be downloaded from the Apple AppStore and the Arrivecan app for Android can be taken from the Google Playstore easily.

All you have to do is search for them and click on their get and install buttons to download the app on your device.


What does Arrivecan app do?

It connects new entries to Canada with the Canadian Health department and ensures the people are properly regulated through quarantine and other measures before entering into the country. 

Does the Arrivecan app track location?

Yes, it does use your location service.

Is the Arrivecan App mandatory?

The ArriveCAN app is completely mandatory to use for people who are either traveling first time to Canada or entering the state after COVID for the first time.

How do I fill out my Arrivecan app?

Simply register with the app as per the instructions and directions mentioned in this article.

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