What is Poparazzi app? Download For Android & iPhone | Features

Poparazzi app is a photo-sharing application developed by TTYL Inc. that aids in clicking pictures and sharing it across various platforms or with friends.

The app’s name is similar to the Italian word Paparazzi which means a photographer who clicks photos of celebrities. As the app only functions through the back camera, therefore, it is considered to be analogous to a paparazzi shot.

What is Poparazzi app?

what is poparazzi app

The app has been launched on the Monday of this week and ever since its launch, the app downloads have skyrocketed on the App Store. It has, in fact, featured at the number 1 spot on the App Store charts.

The app is the new competitor of Instagram and Dispo. Photos of you taken by other people appear on the front and center of the app screen while those photos which you have clicked with the app for others appear on the secondary tab.

Thus, the app promotes the legitimate sharing of photographs clicked with the app among friends. The motto of the app maker is simple and that is to make social media a less self-centered affair and more about people we love.

Alex and Austen Ma are the founders of Poparazzi. Poparazzi founder’s net worth is supposed to be increasing because they have launched other apps too like TTYL which is an audio social network. Don’t know why people want to delete their account from this amazing Paparazzi app.

How to Poparazzi app download for Android?

For downloading the Poparazzi app on the Android smartphone, users can take help of the APK files. They can click the APK file link here and then hit the download button to begin the download process. After this, they have to enable the “install apps from unknown sources” option from the phone settings to complete the app installation process. 

How to Poparazzi app download for iPhone?

The Poparazzi app is easy to download on iPhone because it is directly available on the Apple App Store. Users can go to the App Store and search the app. Then, they can click on “Get” the application and further enter the Apple passcode to initiate the app download process.


Following are the features of the Poparazzi app:

  • Users can easily click photos of their loved ones and friends with this app.
  • This app enables users to share their photos easily with friends.
  • The app is frequently updated.
  • Poparazzi app is a lightweight application.

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