How to transfer amazon pay balance to bank account?[Different methods]

When it comes to ordering something on Amazon, we Indians find the Amazon Pay Balance one of the easiest ways for payment. 

Amazon Pay is one of the fastest digital payment solutions used to make online payments on Amazon. or some of the websites the company has partnered with.

Your amazon pay balance has these three things- money, credits, and Gifts. 

Using the gift cards and credits on amazon and its partnered website is incredible, but how long can one keep the balance in there? 

That’s where using the app can be disappointing; withdrawing your money can be a daunting task. Hence, we have listed several ways to transfer money from amazon pay to bank account quickly. 

How to transfer amazon’s pay balance to a bank account?

transfer amazon pay balance

Digital Golds: 

Here are the steps to follow: 

  1. Keep an updated version of your amazon pay app. 
  2. Create Account & Create a UPI ID.
  3. Open the Amazon App and then Tap on Amazon Pay.
  4. Go to the amazon app and click on Amazon pay.
  5. From there, scroll down to the insurance section, where you can see the Digital Gold option. 
  6. Select that option. 
  7. Purchase the Digital Gold through Amazon Pay balance 
  8. Now, this amount will be transferred to the Amazon Gold Vault Wallet.
  9. Once you decide to transfer the amount to your bank account, sell the gold. 

Snapay App:

Here are the steps to follow: 

  1. Install the Snapay app from the Google Play store.
  2. Sign up for Snapay using your Google or Facebook account.
  3. The program will then prompt you to validate your phone number. Enter your phone number and the OTP that you will get.
  4. The app will now ask for your address. Enter your address and press the Submit button.
  5. Fill up your banking information. You have the option of selecting any account or your Paytm account.
  6. After that, go to the payment request option and enter the amount you wish to send to your bank account.
  7. Add the payment method and the Amazon pay balance to your wallet.
  8. The app will link you to Amazon to log in. Enter your login information.

Soon, the amount will be credited to the account you have mentioned on the app. However, please note that once you have made a transaction through this app, you will have to pay a fee to Snappy, which is around 2.99% of your transaction amount. 

Club Factory App:

Here are the steps to follow: 

  1. Get the Club Factory app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Register for a club factory account.
  3. You may order anything using the app.
  4. You have to select Amazon Pay Balance as your payment method.
  5. Order confirmation
  6. Wait a few minutes before canceling the order.
  7. You can send the cashback to your Paytm wallet or bank account after it has been reimbursed to your club factory balance.

Zingoy App: 

Here are the steps to follow: 

  1. Go to the play store and install Zingoy. 
  2. Click on the signup button. 
  3. Enter your email id, name, and password and sign up. 
  4. Once you have signed up, add Paytm Giftcards or Zingoy Gift Cards. 
  5. Choose the amount you wish to invest by selecting the value of the card.
  6. Proceed to the payment page, pick Amazon Pay as your payment option, and complete the transaction.
  7. Now, go to Payment Options and select Amazon Pay as your payment method.

You have successfully added a Paytm gift card or Zingoy gift card through this step. 

  1. Now, choose the gift cards you desire, such as a Flipkart gift card or an Amazon gift card.
  2. If your aim is to transfer it to another account, purchase an Amazon gift card. If you want to transfer money to a bank account, buy Amazon gift cards.
  3. To buy the gift, use the Zingoy gift card you just added.

Cansell App: 

Here are the steps to follow: 

  1. Visit the official website of Cansell.
  2. Sign up on their official website.
  3. After you’ve joined up, go to the main page. There is a sell gift card option there. Simply click on it.
  4. In front of you will emerge a drop-down menu. Then, choose Amazon as the gift card you want to sell.
  5. A page will display in which you must enter the information from your Amazon pay gift card.
  6. After inputting the necessary information, set the selling price.
  7. Your gift card will be reviewed by the app and published as an ad for purchasers.

There will be multiple bids. Talk to them, negotiate, and finalize the price at which you want to sell. Following payment, the Cansell staff will contact you to obtain the Amazon Pay gift certificate codes.

Please note that Cansell charges 1% of transactions made on the app. 


Here are the steps to follow: 

  1. Install the Augmont app.
  2. Enter the mobile number for the app to verify it through OTP. 
  3. Enter the OTP. 
  4. Navigate to the main page and choose the Amazon Pay balance that you wish to transfer to your bank account.
  5. Choose the purchase now option.
  6. Now, pick your payment method as a wallet and pay.
  7. Choose Amazon Pay as your chosen payment method.
  8. You must wait two days after completing the preceding procedures.
  9. Go to the homepage and click on the sale symbol.
  10. Get back to the main page and click the sale button.
  11. Select the amount of silver or gold you wish to purchase. You must select the quantity that corresponds to the amount you wish to withdraw.
  12. Select the bank account to which you want the money to be deposited and click Continue.


Can I transfer my Amazon Pay Balance without any hidden charges? 

Several apps in the market can come in handy while transferring the Amazon Pay balance to your account. However, most of them charge for the same. You can either buy digital gold through your balance and sell it or go by the Club Factory app to escape the hidden charges. 

Can Amazon's pay balance be transferred to a bank account?

Although Amazon does not have the feature to transfer the Amazon Pay balance to bank accounts, one can try out the above-mentioned tested methods to move their money. 

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