How to open Payslip in Hamraaz App 6.52 Download Latest Version 2020

Hamraaz app is developed by the technical division of the Army jawans (adjutant generals branch (MP-8)). It is an app specially designed to help the soldiers serving in the army. The app communicates jawans with their service-related information and also about their pay-related information.

Hamraaz app Details

The Hamraaz app cannot be used by civilians and is exclusively for Army servicemen.

The newest version of the app was recently uploaded on 09th Jan 2019. With the recent version of the app, people can manage online grievances, AFPP fund subscription changes, and specific pop-up messages with information dissemination. Certain bugs have also been fixed with the current version.

how to open payslip in hamraaz app

How to Hamraaz app 6.52 download?

To download the Hamraaz app 6.52, you’ll have to go to the website of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. Downloading the app from a third-party AppStore is possible for both Android and iOS devices.

But you will have to maneuver to the Security settings from the menu and then you will have to slide the switch to allow download app apk from unknown sources. Similarly, for iOS devices, you’ll have to trust the app you’re planning to download from a third-party AppStore.

After the apk is downloaded you’ll have to run and install the app.

App Features?

With the Hamraaz apps latest version, one will be able to avail the below-mentioned features like;

– Getting access to view the monthly payslips regularly.

– Form 16 availability

– Managing different online grievances

– AFPP fund subscription changes can be managed with the help of this app

– Users would receive specific pop-up messages 

– PPO details/ AGI claims

How to Use Hamraaz 6.52 version in 2021?

Once you download the Hamraaz 6.52 app 2021, you will have to register yourself with the app. To register you’ll have to incorporate your Aadhar number, your service-related details into the app.

– Once you have created a login ID and password, you can use it to log in to the app.

– In there you will come across a lot of tabs and the most widely used tab is the payment slip viewing tab and the form 16 tab. The other tabs can also be viewed by simply clicking on them.

How to open Payslip in Hamraaz App

– To view the payslip, you will have to click on the month and the year of the payslip list.

– Further, you’ll have to incorporate the password which comprises the part of your PAN and your date of inception into the Army cadre.

– You can not only download payslips but also raise queries related to different problems you’re facing like pension issues, pay-related issues, service requests, postings, discharge, AGIF and ECHS processes, service records, promotion, and seniority issues as well as miscellaneous issues.

– Further, you can also download Form 16 from the segment, as well as fill in details about your family and do much more with the help of the app.

How to sign up for the Hamraaz App?  

To complete the signup process, you’ll have to first enter your ARPAN number in the capital, set up the password, and fill in the required Captcha. After submitting it, you will have to click on the signup tab.

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