How to use Garuda app for BLO in PC/Laptop/Windows [2023]?

What is Garuda app BLO?

The Garuda app is made for block-level officers and aims to capture information about polling stations, checklists, different PS facilities, etc. The app can also mark actual distances in your block, like distance to the police station, fire station, hospitals, parking area and other vital establishments in the area.

The Election Commission of India developed the app. The app hosts several forms that can be used to add voter names, delete names, and modify addresses.

How to use Garuda APP for BLO?

Garuda APP

The BLO Garuda app can be used for a variety of reasons which can be accessed from the app.

  • After logging in, your home screen will show you a few segments.
  • Download Elector list is a segment on which you can see the electoral list if you click. The downloaded file can be located from the download folder.
  • Run revisions on your app to enter similar demographical data, registration of deaths, migration & checklist verifications alongside logical errors.
  • Verification also consists of field visit functionalities.
  • Online form filling can be done by filling Forms 6, 6A, 7, 8 and 8A.
  • With BLO Register, all statements can be downloaded easily.

How to use Garuda app in PC/Laptop/Windows?

BLOs can download the Garuda app in PC/Laptop/Windows. Follow the below process to download it to your system.

  • Download an emulator from any of the emulator sites.
  • From the Bluestack Home screen, open Google Playstore that is already pre-installed with Bluestack.
  • Search for the app in the search box and once you locate it, click on the Install app button.
  • Once the app is installed, you can easily open the app in your Emulator environment within your device.

How to Garuda app download for Android?

The Garuda app has to be downloaded on Android phones from Google Playstore. Click on the Install button and download the app to your device.

How to LOGIN to Garuda App?

To log in, you will need to register with the Garuda app by adding the below information.

  • Choose your state and then your Assembly.
  • Enter your mobile number provided with your user-ID, choose a password, add it in the space provided, and add the part number.
  • Once you have added all this information, you can log in to the app.
  • Each time you need to log in following the above process.

APP Features

Following activities can be done with the help of the app.

  • Requests for New Voter ID card applications can be raised.
  • Complaints can be lodged using the app.
  • Death certificate requests, as well as issuance, can be placed through the app.
  • Election results are displayed in the app separately for each electorate.
  • Migration checklists of different states can be viewed using the app.

Why Garuda App is not working?

The Garuda app has a fast and straightforward interface. It will work almost every time you have something important to do. But, if it does not work well, this is what you need to do.

  • Close the app and open it again after some time.
  • Check your internet connection performance.
  • Try to check your login credentials and re-enter them again.
  • Reboot your device if the app is not performing at all. Install the latest version of the app again from your Google Playstore.


Here’s all about the Garuda app, read it and then log in to it for performing all your block level activities.

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