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FlexShopper app Reviews has changed the way of shopping. You can shop now and pay conveniently with FlexShopper.

FlexShopper is a lease-to-own retailer with which you can apply for an expenditure limit of $2,500 and begin shopping for video games, laptops & tablets, cell phones, electronic appliances, furniture, mattresses, smart home & office products, and TVs plus home theatre systems.

What is FlexShopper app?

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It is a suitable shopping scheme for those who are on a tight budget. You can lease products for a year with flexible payment options.

In addition to the convenience offered by this shopping platform, it also offers the option to shop from any of your preferred online store or website. You can get the latest products from trending brands and retailers.

How to FlexShopper apply?

FlexShopper app has an easy application process in which users are typically needed to fill up a form and send it for approval. The information you need to provide in the form are as follows:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Job Details
  • Identity Details
  • Requirement relates details
  • Lastly, provide a secure password.


Following are the application criteria for using Flex Shopper:

  • The users must be United States residents except those belonging to New Jersey, Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Wyoming.
  • They should have a valid Social Security Number, Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, phone number, and an authentic address.
  • Applicants should be at least 18 years old.
  • They should have an active bank account for at least a trimester period.
  • They must have a regular income source.

How to use FlexShopper on Amazon?

You can select products from Amazon and then choose to lease them with Flex Shopper.

How does it work?

This is how Flex Shopper works:

  • First and foremost, you need to go to the app and find the products that you wish to take on lease.
  • After adding the products to the cart, you can checkout from there and choose the payment method of your choice during checkout.
  • Before final checkout, you will be redirected to the FlexShopper.com site where you will be needed to quickly fill out a basic online form providing some information about yourself. This will help the Flex Shopper team to decide on your instant spending decision.
  • Further, you will be prompted to accept the electronic lease agreement and then you will be redirected to the site for order confirmation.
  • You can choose to pay weekly or yearly.

How to FlexShopper app download on Android & iOS?

It is possible to download the FlexShopper app on Android devices by going straight to the Play Store and installing the app from there.

For iOS devices, the app must be installed from the App Store.

FlexShopper Reviews?

Customers have shared positive reviews for the FlexShopper app. They have found the app extremely user-friendly and helpful.

Phone number & contact details?

You can find the option to chat with a chatbot on the FlexShopper website and if it can’t solve your problems, then it will further redirect you to the right option. Other than this, you can write at [email protected]. You can also follow the social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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