How to Use Digital impfpass App Germany | Download it Now [2022]

What is the digital Impfpass app corona?

While traveling in Germany & Austria, you can easily use the digital Impfpass app for digitally reproducing the Corona certification apart from the paper certificate provided by the authorities. The digital platform shows if you are COVID vaccinated or not. Many people across the countries are Covid vaccinated but some have lost the certificates and some miss carrying them with them. Digital availability of the certificates is solving this issue for people easily.

Covid vaccination is providing a yellow certificate in Germany and apart from that, they are also providing a QR code either physically or digitally.

By using the QR code one can easily prove they are vaccinated.

How to digital impfpass app download

Digital impfpass App download Germany
  1. Download digital impfpass For Android

Download the Impfpass app on Android devices by visiting any third-party sites which provide a genuine apk of app. 

The settings need to be tweaked on your Android devices which facilitates downloading apks from third parties. From Menu>Settings>Security>check the tab which allows you to download the app from third-party sites.

  1. Download digital impfpass app iphone

Download the apk of the app in the same way from third-party sites which allow users to download Impfpass on iPhone.

Once the app apk is downloaded visit your iPhone settings and then from their visit the General and then the Settings of the General tab to trust the app.

How to use Digital impfpass app

The digital vaccination certificate would be available for you. Apart from that, it will also be available for your family members.

  • Open the digital impfpass app for Austria & Germany
  • Enter your data, 
  • Get registered with the app
  • The data also has a backup in the Clouds, this way you can use it from any of the devices even when not using your phone.
  • If you have registered with the app, it will also send you reminders for your next vaccination cycle.


Features of digital impfpass app include,

  • Automatic reminder options for the vaccination plan.
  • Get notified for vaccination, not just for one but all family members.
  • A negative corona test will be displayed if taken in the past seven days.
  • When traveling within Norway, you’ll be able to carry a code that will help you display your results to authorities as and when required.

Is it Safe

The app is safe to use, all malfunction routes are strictly monitored to ensure people have a secure experience.

Digital impfpass Reviews

The reviews about the digital impfpass app Germany & the digital impfpass app Austria are being praised. People are satisfied using the app and are relieved they can have an alternate digital backup for their manual certificates which often have the risk of getting lost.

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