How to Deposit Paper Check on Cash App (2023)?

The electronic check would mean an electronic image of a real-time check and the electronic information tagged with it. If users are wondering if they can deposit a check on cash app, the answer is “yes, you can.”

how to deposit check paper check on cash app

How to deposit check/ paper check on cash app?

Follow the below steps when depositing a check on Cash app;

STEP 1:- Users require to allow access to cash app for the camera, stored files, geolocation & time of the device.  

STEP 2:- The check must either be in the name of the user or should be addressed to you with someone else jointly.

STEP 3:- Once access is granted, the user needs to take a picture of the front and back of the check using the Cash app mobile check capture feature.

STEP 4:- After the user has deposited the paper check, it goes for review to the company.

STEP 5:- The user must retain the check with them for at least two weeks after they have submitted it. Post two weeks, users can discard the original check or can make it VOID.  

STEP 6:- If the check is accepted, the same would be notified to the user. 

STEP 7:- If it is not accepted, a notification is issued even in that case and you can deposit the check somewhere else.

Whoever is planning to try mobile uploads of physical checks must keep a track of the below points. Additionally, users must also be aware of the below points when depositing check to cash app;

  1. The check is with you and is issued in United States dollars.
  2. The check is signed appropriately.
  3. The total amount mentioned on the check should not exceed the amount quoted by Cash app for Cash app mobile check capture.
  4. The check should not be more than 90 days from the date of issuance.
  5. Check should not have been deposited or encashed previously and if caught can result in serious consequences.

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How to enable direct deposit on cash app?

Direct deposit is, however, much more instantaneous now with Cash app. If users want to try the direct deposit option on Cash app, then please follow the below steps.

  • From the cash app, click on the Banking tab option.
  • Choose the deposits & transfer options.
  • Tap on “Get Direct Deposit Form” & enter the amount to be deposited from each of the paychecks 
  • The user has to sign it and also enter the details of their employer.
  • Choose the email form option.
  • Incorporate the recipient address and then press on the send button.

How to enable check deposit on cash app?

To enable check deposit on cash app, users will have to give them permission to use your photos, geolocation, and time. Once users have enabled the Cash app mobile check capture feature cash deposits can be done instantly.


Can you deposit a paper check on cash app?

Recently the cash app mobile capture feature has been enabled on cash app. 

Thus, cash app deposits can be done instantly through proper use of the application.

How do I deposit a check directly to the cash app?

Users need to click a picture of the front and the back of the check using cash app mobile check capture feature.

Once the check is submitted it might take up to two weeks for evaluation. After post thorough inspection, users would be notified whether the check is accepted or declined by cash app. It may not be an instant process and might take a little longer.

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