Dailypass.lausd.net app Download | Register lausd daily pass app

What is dailypass.lausd.net app? 

The Los Angeles Unified School District has set up a single stop for both students and administrators. It is a place where the districts would be able to make sure their students, administrators, and the school faculty returns to school as safely as possible.

Apart from a daily health check-up, one can sign up for COVID-19 tests and can also get the messages and the test results. The test results would be visible to all concerned for a safer passage of individuals.

How to lausd daily pass app download?

Dailypass.lausd.net app Download

To download the LAUSD daily pass, you will need to download it for Android devices from the Google Playstore. Simultaneously, you will be allowed to download it from the Apple Playstore for all iOS devices.

How to register lausd daily pass app?

To register with an LAUSD account, you might have to provide all the requisite information.

  • It includes your name, email address, security image/audio.
  • A thank you message will come to your email. Click on the activation link and then click to log in.
  • Once you log in, your login would be verified and confirmed.
  • You can either confirm by continuing on the web browser or the LAUSD mobile app.

For parents and guardians, the registration process is different.

  • Enter your email ID and then enter your chosen password.
  • Now click on the notification message sent on your email to confirm and activate your account.
  • Click on the Parents portal logo, the first one to sign in as a parent.
  • Place your username and password and submit it when trying to log in.


With the available features, you can easily navigate through the app.

  • The app can be used to directly to call the school & you can set reminders and receive alerts.
  • View your assignments for the students.
  • Know whenever your child is late to school or absent. As a teacher, you can also sign in to students’ attendance from the app.
  • You can check your grades and check through their sources easily.
  • You can easily view the school calendars and their event dates. You can also save that for yourself inside your app.


Parents have largely begun depending on the app. Most parents are referring to the app for details. So are the teachers. Students too find it useful, hassle-free, and quite a comfortable device to use.


How do I check my Lausd Covid results?

The test will be done for free and results would appear within 24-36 hours from the test via email and text message.

How do I create a daily pass for Lausd?

Daily Pass can be generated by Lausd easily.

  • Users can receive the daily COVID-19 tests and results using the app.
  • To get a daily pass, click on the given link from any computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.
  • There are some daily healthcare questions- answer them. The questions won’t take more than two minutes for you to answer.
  • If one underwent a daily COVID check and has recently taken the PCR test, and then a QR code would be generated for you.
  • It is a daily code and would be aimed at a certain organization located at a certain site.
  • You simply have to generate the code every day for yourself.

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