How to Use CaixaBank App & Install on iPhone or Android?

Guidelines Of The CAIXA Bank App Is Here; Follow Them For Smooth Operations

The former name of the Caixabank app is Linea Abierta. Try out the day-to-day banking activities within minutes with the help of this brilliant application. 

What is caixabank app?

  • Caixabank app is the ultimate solution for different types of banking jobs in Spain
  • It is a leading group in the financial sector to deal with multiple banking-related activities
  • Undoubtedly, the Caixabank application reflects reliability and quality for all users.
  • Make your day easier with the outstanding features
  • The cost of downloading the application is free
caixabank app

How to use Caixabank app?

  • The Caixabank app will take you many steps ahead in the online banking field
  • There is no need to visit the bank personally when the need is urgent, and you lack the time
  • Get rid of the hassles of the signatures with this fabulous system
  • Check the permissions and other rules and regulations before you install the app
  • View products and check out the services you require
  • Bring the phone near the contactless selling point, and your payment will be complete
  • Direct cash withdrawal is also possible from the contactless ATM of La Caixa
  • However, to use the banking app, you have to complete the registration process also
  • To pay with this lovely app, you have to press on the card image
  • Enter the bank PIN for every transaction
  • One press will activate for one purchase only
  • Moreover, it is easy to cancel the transaction also, if necessary

What are Caixabank App Features?

The best features of the Caixabank app are;-

  • Viewing every detail of the banking transactions. These include;-
  1. Income
  2. Invoice and vouchers
  3. Cash remaining on your card
  4. Any fines or other charges
  • The finances will be entirely under your control
  • You can even use the digital sign method and avoid signing every time you transact
  • It is a fabulous and secured method for money transfers also 

How to install the Caixa bank app on Android & iPhone?

  • Download the app according to the type of phone, that is, Android or iPhone
  • Open the app after installation and give the access codes
  • Use your activation code or the coordinate card to validate the access
  • Caixabank app will now send a key through SMS
  • Use this key to complete the process
  • You can configure the app only on a mobile device
  • To get benefits of the web application, you will require confirmation through the Caixabank Sign up
  • To access the Sign-Up, you will need the access PIN of the Caixabank app. 

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