How to transfer money from Apple pay to Cash app instantly?

Money transfer from Apple pay to Cash app

Apple Instant transfer allows people to transfer money from Apple Pay to a debit or credit card. Cash app users are already aware that the Cash card functions like a debit card and transferring money to the user’s Cash app account can be done within a quick span of 30 minutes. Here, the Cash app acts as a bank for Apple Pay.

Apple pay can instantly transfer money to the Cash app but users need to add the Cash app card first to the Apple pay account by following the below steps.

  • – Open the Cash app account and click on the Cash card tab.
  • – Click on the Cash Card image.
  • – Add Apple Pay account number. Follow the directions and once the user Cash Card is linked to the Apple Pay account, users can use the above-mentioned steps to transfer cash to the Cash app.

How to send money from Apple pay to Cash app?

can i use apple pay for cash app

If users are questioning how to send cash Apple pay to Cash app?

The answer is by using the instant transfer / standard transfer services of Apple pay and by following the below steps, users can comfortably transfer money from their Apple Pay to their Cash app account.

  • – Click open the iPhone wallet. 
  • – Move to the Apple Pay Cash card option.
  • – From the three dots move to Settings.
  • – Click on the Information tab, and then click Transfer.
  • – Include the money amount you desire to transfer, and then click on the Next option.
  • – After verifying all the details, click the Instant transfer button.
  • – For instant transfers, some fees would be deducted every time users wish to transfer money from Apple Pay to the Cash app.
  • – Transfer can also be done through the Standard transfer process and users might have to choose that option instead of instant transfers. The money will take 2-3 business days to transfer from Apple Pay to the Cash app.

How to use the Apple pay for Cash app?

Apple pays users can make from their mobile device by linking it to a debit or credit card. Apple Cash, on the other hand, is Cash found in Apple’s digital wallet. After putting money from a debit or prepaid credit card, users can then use the wallet to fund Apple Pay transfers.

Using Apple Pay for Cash app is completely possible. Sending and receiving money through Siri, Apple messages and Apple watches into user’s Cash app account is now being regularly used.


Can I use the apple pay for Cash app?

Yes, users can use Apple pay for Cash app where the Cash app would act as a bank for Apple pay.

Can you send money from the apple pay to the Cash app?

Yes, customers using the Apple pay and Cash app can send and receive money from the Apple pay to Cash app.

How long does apple pay take to transfer to the Cash app?

AppleInstant transfer, take 30 minutes transfer time from Apple Pay to Cash app. Similarly, standard transfers to the Cash app can also be done and it would take 2-3 business days.

How can I transfer money from apple pay to the Cash app?

If you are not right now wondering “how to transfer money from my Apple pay to my Cash app?”

Follow the steps mentioned above to understand how easily users can transfer money from Apple Pay to the Cash app.

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